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James Ibori’s Brother-Inlaw, Rowland Nakanda Sentenced To Two & A Half Years In UK Prison

NAKANDA-IBORI-710x500Rowland Nakanda, a brother-in-law to former Delta State governor, James Ibori has been sentenced to a UK prison for his involvement in money laundering.

London Metropolitan reports below…

Nakanda had previously been found guilty of two counts of money laundering following a month-long trial at Southwark Crown Court and was sentenced on Friday, 24 July. The investigation into Nakanda commenced during the wider inquiry into the corrupt activities of the former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, between 1999 and 2007.

Nakanda, 54 (29.01.61) of Tyne Gardens, South Ockendon in Essex is the older brother of Teresa Ibori, James Ibori’s wife. James and Teresa Ibori were convicted of fraud and money laundering in 2012 and were sentenced to a total of 18 years’ imprisonment for corruption.

Following the conviction of the Iboris, the Nakandas became guardians of the Ibori’s three children. Police identified that the Ibori children, despite their parents’ convictions, were being educated at a private school and it was established that Nakanda had continued to pay the considerable school fees. Enquiries revealed that he had paid the fees to the school’s bank account in cash over the counter through his local Lloyd’s bank in Grays, Essex. CCTV revealed that on one day alone, Nakanda paid over £15,000 in cash for the school fees of two of the children.

A financial investigation was able to trace £350,000 in unexplained cash deposits going through Nakanda’s accounts following the convictions of the Iboris. The investigation was undertaken by the Met’s Proceeds of Corruption Unit, which has now transferred to the National Crime Agency (NCA) to become the International Corruption Unit. Rupert Broad, formerly a Detective Inspector in the Met’s Proceeds of Corruption Unit, said: “Rowland Nakanda previously worked for the Royal Mail and lived a modest lifestyle with his wife in Essex. I am pleased that we were able to demonstrate that Nakanda knew that the money he was dealing with was the proceeds of criminal conduct and had originated from James Ibori’s corrupt activity during his governorship of Delta State. This sentence should act as a warning that we will go after everyone involved in fraudulent activity, however complex and wide-reaching the fraud.”

A total of nine individuals have now been convicted of money laundering offences in linked cases, and have received sentences totalling over 50 years.

Nakanda was acquitted of cheating the Revenue. Rowland Nakanda’s wife, Chifu Nakanda, was acquitted of all charges.

Source: London Met




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