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Jealous Ghana Husband Sends Wife Christmas Card In Hospital After Stabbing Her 15 Times For Flirting With Nigerian Man [PHOTOS]

MAN-STAB XA 32-year-old mother of two has died nearly two months after she was brutally stabbed 15 times by her husband.

Minta Adiddo stabbed his wife, Akua Agyeman because he thought she was having an affair with their neighbour…a man named Oledapo Etti-Williams.

38-Year-Old, Mr Adiddo had been suspecting Mr Etti-Williams who was having an affair with his wife since October, 2012. Etti-Williams denied it, but phone records later showed that Akua and Etti-Williams used to send as many as 80 flirtatious messages to each other in one day.

So on the night of November 5, Adiddo…who is a Sainsbury’s worker from Enfield, North London…stabbed his wife with a large kitchen knife in their bedroom while their one-year-old daughter slept in a cot next to them; and their 5-Year-Old daughter, slept in the next room.

Ms Agyeman managed to escape through the living room window, waking neighbours with her screams. But her husband chased her down and stabbed her again in the street as she lay on the ground, leaving her with 15 separate stab wounds.
When he realised she still wasn’t dead he got in his car and tried to run her over, almost running over as well the shocked witnesses who were tending to her.  Ms Agyeman’s last words as she lay injured were to ask if her children were all right.

Adiddo fled the scene of the crime that same night but was later arrested after police spotted him driving his car shortly the next day still wearing his blood-stained shirt. Earlier on in a phone call to a relative, he admitted stabbing his wife and said he planned to kill himself before police caught up with him.

Ms Agyeman fought for her life in hospital for nearly two months, but she was so badly injured that she would have been permanently paralysed if she had survived. While she was still being treated in the Royal London Hospital, her husband sent  her a Christmas card blaming his attack on the devil. He said:

“I know the devil used Williams to destroy our family,’ he wrote. ‘Please, please, please, I need forgiveness from you – open yourself to God.”

Adiddo was charged to the Old Bailey court where he pleaded guilty to manslaughter, although he denied murder. Yesterday he  was convicted of murder, with a minimum term of 17 years. The sentencing, judge Brian Barker QC said said in his verdict:

“I accept this was not a planned killing but was done out of frustration and temper, and in my view was cowardly and selfish.

This was a shocking waste of a vibrant life and loss of a mother which will be long felt.

I was moved by the words of her family who described Akua as a loving sister, caring for her children and extended family in Ghana, and providing financially for them.

‘They feel betrayed by your actions and find it very difficult to move on. There is nothing we can do or say to turn back the clock but she will not be forgotten.”

Her relatives in Ghana are now struggling financially without her support. While her two daughters are now being cared for by relatives but the family are ‘forever saddened’ she won’t get to see them grow up.


Source: DailMail UK



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  1. Some men or even women allow Satan, de devil to take over their lives in de name of blind envy. Why take some ones life just bcos u suspect dat she is having an affair? Only a satanic devil will inflict fatal matchet cuts on de wife & plan to take his life without caring for his infant children. Also only a mentaly unbalance wife will leave her husband to indulge in romantic love affair with another man without considering de adverse effects such action may have on her marriage and her infant children.

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