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John Dumelo’s Wife Writes Him An Open Letter On Their Wedding Anniversary [READ]

JOHN DUMELO-WIFE XYou remember sometime last year, news leaked that handsome Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo was married to a lady,  Harrina Alexander who resides in the United States. For some reason best known to him, John wanted his marriage  to Harrina to be kept secret.

The lady played ball at first but she soon got tired of being in the shadows. Ghanaian website, AmeyawDebrah.com was the first to break the story; publishing their marriage certificate as proof…which John and Harrina denied vehemently at first…claiming the certificate was used as prop for a movie they acted in as husband and wife.

Just when people started putting Ameyaw Debrah on blast for cooking up such a lie, we saw YouTube videos released by Harrina confessing that she was actually John’s wife and explaining why she denied it at first. She also urged John to stop lying and come out with the truth…BUT HE REFUSED.

Their wedding anniversary was yesterday and Harrina wrote John an open letter pleading with him to give their love another chance. Read…


To my husband on our anniversary march 11, 2014.

When I look back at how we began;

the laughter and love that we shared,

I smile at all the ways we loved and we dared

to dream of a wonderful future together

and how we promised this was forever


And I try to recall the moment when

things started to change;

Just what it could’ve been

to cause our happiness to slip away,

And though I may never find the answer

I do know one thing for sure;


I still love you now

as much as I did then

and I don’t know how

but we can get through this

I’m not ready to give up on us

You’re still my one true love

To my husband John Dumelo


All I want for this anniversary is for you to

Be honest to everyone about our marriage.

You keeping silent and going around telling

Everyone you are not married is not being a good

Role model as you call yourself.

People look up to you, I am asking you this from my

Heart be honest.



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