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#JollofWars | Richard Quest Wades Into The Nigeria Vs Ghana Jollof Rice War

RICHARD QUEST-NIGERIAEnglish journalist and CNN International anchor and reporter, Richard Quest is in Nigeria for filming around Lagos.

The ‘Quest Means Business’ anchor, said that he was ” busy filming around Lagos “and that he will be  weeting his “early thoughts on being back in Nigeria after 10 years away.”

Quest who as at 24th of April 2017 was in Nigeria tweeted that Nigerian jollof rice is delicious, however he clarified that ” I ain’t getting involved in the #jollofwar”

There has been a long standing battle on Twitterville between Nigerians and Ghanaians on which country has the best jollof rice and its country of origin.

What is your take on the jollof rice war?

Meanwhile a poll is currently going on about which Jollof Rice is best…

I find it hilarious that “Evil Spirit Jollof Rice” is even doing better than Ghana Jollof Rice in the polls.EMOTICON-LAUGHTER-TEARS



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