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Journalist Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo TRIBUTE To City People Deputy Editor Bola Davies

bola-davies-koo-640x640Nigerian International Journalist and Social Media personality Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo was called  “a giant as far as social media is concerned” by City people magazine in 2015. Kemi who is covered a lot by this magazine and known to voice her opinions frankly on social issues has released this statement on the death of her beloved media colleague and family friend Bola Davies the Deputy Editor of Nigeria’s first tabloid soft sell magazine City People. Davies was the longtime Ibadan/Oyo and Osun states Correspondent and was loved by many public figures and citizens in the states. She passed away 19th of October, 2016 after a brief illness. Below is Olunloyo’s statement:

On June 11th 2016, my father Victor Omololu Olunloyo notified me that our journalist and family friend Bola Davies was diagnosed with breast cancer and was hospitalized. I was shocked and upset. I took to my Facebook page to ask my fans to deeply pray for her .

victor-omololu-olunloyo-city-peopleFormer Oyo State governor, Victor Omololu-Olunloyo; and father to Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo read City People Magazine

While this was going on, I made efforts to see her but I could not get location information and I assumed that her family wanted privacy as she was in an undisclosed hospital. As a US trained health care professional in addition to being a journalist, I have been front, center and back in the war against breast cancer. This October Breast Cancer awareness month, I urge every Nigerian woman to pls get a mammogram and perform a self test on the 11th monthly.

Bola did not die in vain. She was a fighter. She is now free and I am releasing this statement to tell Nigerians of my greatest moments with her. Bola was like a member of my family. She attended all our glamorous family events just to cover them for City People. She worked while she socialized with us. Most reporters could not do both at the same time. She always took Aso Ebis and blended perfectly with us on our occasions. My brothers wedding, my dad’s 75th birthday and my late grandmother’s 7 and 40 day Fidaus hosted by a President and 19 past governors as guests invited were the most special of her coverage. She knew the magnitude of these occasions and covered them gracefully in her final write ups complete with photos in City People magazine.

This was why people flocked to the newsstands to grab copies: The Bola Davies Oyo column!! Bola and I met again at the Alaafin’s palace on his 2012 birthday. Publisher Seye Kehinde was with us. While waiting for the king, we turned the moment into a big interview. My deportation from Canada and the real story of what happened. I gave the exclusives to City People. Till today, many don’t even know why Canada kicked me out. It’s not online as my high profile political deportation reason was never released by the Canadian government. Bola went straight to the point. She knew her selling point and how to get the strategic areas of the story. She was taught journalism well. Bola attended my grandma’s Fidau. The photos were exclusive and tastefully done. That was a huge event for one reporter. She tackled it and delivered. I will attach the purple aso ebi photo to my press release. That was the last time I set eyes on her. December 2013.

Finally there was one thing I just loved about Bola. She was always watching public figures for potential news. A good Journalist goes to the source not hearsay. ‘Bola Bola poke noser” as I called her always called or texted me to “interrogate” me. I have turned down lunch and dinner, even business dates with some of my prominent single male friends who she calls “the big boys of Ibadan.” Why? Because I tell them “Ahh, if Bola Davies sees us together dining there, she’s gonna write about us O!” which will read “Is Mr X Kemi Olunloyo’s mystery man?”. It happened before and we both laughed it out. My father and I read City People religiously. I remember calling the vendor to always scan the Oyo Gist section to see if I’m there weekly. Though we purchase it weekly, if my name was spotted in the Bola Davies section, that meant multiple copies.

Gosh, I love nosy reporters! I am one. There is nothing better than the media watching the media. I am the most written about media personality in Nigeria. Bola, from me to you, we may have lost you but remember you are now FREE. You are now looking down on me. Heaven has gained a new angel. Everybody at City People and Ibadan misses you. I know exactly what you are doing up there. You are looking down at me writing about me in “Heavenly People magazine.”

Don’t worry, one day I will be there to get all my past copies. See you at the crossroads Bola! I love you baby sister! I wrote this because I don’t want anyone to forget about you and your good work.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
CEO/Founder @HNNAfrica
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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is an International Journalist, Pharmacist and Social Media Personality and Editor of HNNAfrica world news blog.



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