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#JusticeForChacha | David Aiyedogbon’s Lawyer Allegedly Bribe Police To Detain Emeka Ugwuonye

EMEKA UGWUONYE-3Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye has given more details about what transpired during his second detention in Abuja.

Read what he posted on DPA


I saw Mr. Tony Ogbuluafor, Mr. Aiyedogbon’s lawyer, hand over an envelope to a police officer, Mr. George Agada, as Mr. Agada assured him I would be detained. I request that the Commissioner of Police place Mr. Agada on administrative leave while the police investigate this complaint. And i request that Agada be remo ed from case entirely. I shall also file a bar complaint against Ogbuluafor for bribing a police officer to ensure that I was detained. I can’t believe that a lawyer would engage in such conduct.

I have directed my lawyers to file a petition with the National Assembly regarding the manner in which the Nigerian police have treated me. I have also contacted my Congressman in the United States to complain against the Nigerian police. Also, I have contacted my Ambassador, the United States Embassy in Nigeria, concerning this matter. I have also contacted both the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association concerning the treatment I received in the hands of the Nigerian police.

The Deputy Police Commissioner, Abuja Command, personally ordered that I be locked up. He has to accept responsibility for his behavior in this case. I have no confidence in him as far as this matter is concerned. DPA members do not have confidence in him either. For him to charge me with the offence of extortion simply because I requested our members to help offset the costs his office imposed on me, it means he is attacking the entire members of DPA and discrediting our group. If he could recklessly charge me in such a fashion, what do we make of all those people that Nigerian police charge with grievous offenses. It suggests that the Deputy Commissioner of Police can manufacture offenses as his whims and caprices persuade at any point in time. This matter has gone beyond me. Indeed, it has never been about me. So, I’m prepared to be detained or even killed. But this is the shame of the nation, that the police would allow such impunity to thrive.”



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