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#JusticeForChacha | Emeka Ugwuonye Explains Why He Was Arrested

EMEKA UGWUONYE-1-600x800Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye has given a detailed statement about the reason for his arrest. Just as suspected, it was connected to the fact that he was investigating the disappearance of Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon.

Ugwuonye wrote,


Let’s get this right once and for all. Speaking the truth does come with a huge price. Hence ordinary people lie to survive. Fighting for justice may often bring grave risks. Hence ordinary people tend to look away when others suffer injustice. Speaking out against abuse of power could get you arrested. Hence, many remain silent in face of abusive power. But when you are a DPA member, you have no choice. You must speak the truth. You must fight for justice. You must speak out against naked and blatant power.

I had meant not to speak tonight about the event of yesterday. But silence or undue delay in face of such a massive demand for explanation and answers will go against my personal constitution as well as our group traditions. Hence this post and its timing.

My arrest on Friday by the Nigerian police should never have been. Basically, the police needed the information at my disposal for their investigation. In America or Britain, the police would have seen me as a friend. They would have simply invited me and I would have been glad to respond. After all, you all knew I was preparing to present to police a report and my evidence on Chacha’s case. So why force a person to come to you who was already on his way to you?

In a nutshell, my meeting with the police was quite productive in the end. The police convinced me they are interested in unravelling the mystery surrounding Chacha’s disappearance. At that moment I felt we have a partnership between DPA and the Nigerian police in the Chacha matter. DPA needs the police because only the police has the automatic power to dig up a grave and conduct DNA tests. Also, only the police has the power to arrest suspects and question them. DPA needs such police power in order to arrest the killers of Chacha. On the other hand, the Police needs DPA’s resources and deep reaching media access. DPA has shown unparalleled capacity to analyze facts and connect dots.

So DPA and the Nigerian police will be working together to resolve the Chacha case. That was the basic outcome of my encounter with the police this weekend.

From this case and many more ahead of us, we realized the challenges we face when we cannot raise basic funds for basic needs. I will be traveling back and forth to Abuja to work with the police team on the case. The police understand that I shall be digging deeper for information which I shall share with the police. This will cost some money. I hate to be in a situation where we cannot afford to do necessarily things just because we lack funds.

I’m using this opportunity therefore to request all of you to make some financial contribution to the account provided for that. No amount is too small for this purpose. Yet every contribution you make has the potential of making all the difference and empowering us for greater results and more work for justice.”


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Source: The Due Process Advocates (DPA)/Facebook



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