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#JusticeForChacha | Emeka Ugwuonye Responds To Chacha’s Husband, David Aiyedogbon’s Statement

UGWUONYE-1Emeka Ugwuonye has responded the press statement Chacha’s estranged husband, David Aiyedogbon made yesterday, Monday.

The founder of The Due Process Advocates released this statement on their Facebook Page:


I read with a combination of bemusement and sadness the desperate argumentation of David Aiyedogbon that his wife, Chacha, is alive but only missing, now nearly for 2 months. And those in my camp who argue that Chacha is dead in the hands of David, he described in the following words:

“They want money and property from me, that’s why they’re doing all these. She has gone to ICPC and failed. She went to court and failed and now she and her friends are making other plots to get what they want,”

To reciprocate the gesture, I will describe David as a low-life and a cold-blooded murderer of his own wife. The only reason I would not go further to describe David in the most despicable language that he rightly deserves is that I would rather focus my argument on points that would lead to justice for Chacha.DPA-849x269David is misdirected if all he could do was to argue that his wife is alive but is hiding from him in order to extort money from him. What money? David joined the Nigerian civil service as a level 8 officer, that is straight from NYSC. He worked at the cashier office at State House, and rose to the rank of Deputy Director. Throughout that time, David acquired properties using the name of his wife as a cover. So, Chacha did not need to extort money from David. She did not need to go into hiding in order to extort money from him. All she needed to do was to stay alive and stay the course in any of the possible lawsuits and she would get judicial affirmation of the properties in her name. So David is being childish and ridiculous in a criminal way by suggesting that Chacha would disappear in order to get money from him or that I, Emeka Ugwuonye, am doing what I am doing so that Chacha, someone I never met and never even heard of before now, would get money from David.

It is clear to everybody that my role and interest in this matter are favorable to Chacha. I have never had a quarrel with Chacha. I have nothing to benefit from her death. But David cannot say that. David knew he would inherit as surviving spouse all the properties he and Chacha were fighting over, if Chacha were to die. Even in his useless press statement, he could not suppress his disdain and hatred for his wife. That was why he made the point to tell you that chacha left him in 2014, abandoning him with the children. He demonizes her and reviles her even as he pretends he is looking for her. He castigates her as a cheap woman who is seeking to defraud him. For those many women who ever interacted with Chacha, they all know that lying was not among the shortcomings of Chacha. Chacha might have been flippant and too quick to tell her stories to strangers and enemies alike. But she has been consistent in her stories.

Aiyedogbon Family in happier times: L-R, David Aiyedogbon, Juliet Aiyedogbon & Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon | Source: Facebook

I have listened to or read from more than 100 people as they relayed the stories they got from Chacha. One thing has been consistently striking. The stories are identical to the last letter. Chacha told the same story, which is so rare for someone that is not telling the truth.

I hate to say this, but I must: As a lawyer for nearly 25 years, one skill that has remained with me over the years is the ability to listen to stories and measure the flow and consistency. Chacha was honest to a fault. Also, Chacha was a compulsive story teller, her own life stories, that is. She cannot stop even for 24 hours without an uncontrollable urge to tell her stories. That is one reason why she would not hide herself for nearly two months from those she used to pester with her stories.

What I expect David to tell the world is the effort he is making to find his wife, since he insists she is alive. It is not enough for him to continue to rehash the unfortunate and unconfirmed rumours of how people sighted his wife at night in parties in Abuja. Indeed, David is so miserable. He should at least say she was sighted in Capetown, South Africa or Rio de Jenairo, Brazil, but not in the city of Abuja where every Dick and Harry would immediately recognize her.

Charity Aiyedogbon

As I have said before, I will be the happiest person if Chacha were to be found alive. As I have said before, I am not acting as a journalist who is obligated to report a story that is accurate. In fact, I am not in the business of stories. I am a lawyer and I am involved in a complicated investigation. I connect the dots. I don’t tell stories. I try to create a just outcome, and not to report accurately on outcomes created by others. So, the issue is not whether Emeka’s account is accurate or not, but rather, the issue is whether Emeka has evidence that would send David to the hangman. Yes, I do. I believe I have sufficient evidence to convict David for murdering his wife in cold blood. It took him months to plan her death.JUSTICE FOR CHACHA-660x330David can deny the body that I showed as Chacha’s body. But he cannot deny his voice in the recorded voice conversation between him and Chacha, which I am about to share with the world. The more David comes out to confuse the world, the more he pushes me to dish out the pile of evidence I have against him.



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