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#JusticeForChacha | Emeka Ugwuonye’s Final Take On FIN

UGWUONYE-2His first post about the lapses in FIN drew a heated counter argument prompting Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye to post his final position on the issue. Read…


It is quite sad that many misconstrued a simple observation and a suggestion, and turned them into a sudden war of the genders. I’m not interested in joining issues with anyone. I totally understand that people have had relationship experiences that led them to different conclusions about the opposite gender.

My post of yesterday did not castigate FIN. It merely assessed how different Chacha’s experience might have been if FIN had been differently calibrated. I really believe that if FIN had a structured means of response to the needs of its members in crisis, Chacha’s experience in FIN would have been different and an early intervention in the crisis she narrated in FIN might have saved her life. Let’s not argue pointlessly. The fact known to me is that most members of FIN who encountered Chacha now wish that they had done something tangible to help her. It also goes without saying that FIN would not want any other of its members to end up like Chacha. So, what is the argument?

It is funny that every woman angry with an ex or current husband or boyfriend would read into my post an attempt to dissuade her from such righteous rage. Far be that from my intentions. You’re free to vent and rage. I am dealing with a simple question of trying to unravel the motive for a particular murder, as I see it. I understand that many members of FIN believe that Chacha is alive and hiding somewhere and that very soon the truth would come out and Emeka would be shamed. That is well and good. Our positions could not be further apart on that.

But for those interested in unravelling what happened to Chacha, there should not be a need for any distractions or needless divisions. And point of correction: Chacha’s case is only one out of many cases DPA is involved in. To think that DPA was created for Chacha’s case or that DPA would rise or fall on Chacha’s case is just a failure to understand DPA.

As for any comparisons between DPA and FIN, it is needless to engage in such exercise. DPA is an inclusive group for all humanity, while FIN is a parochial group in that only members of one gender are allowed in FIN. Without taking for granted everybody’s proficiency in the use of English, let me clarify my correct use of the word ‘parochial’ here. I merely wanted to say that all members of FIN can be members of DPA, but only some members of DPA can be members of FIN and the reason is that FIN is parochial or narrow in membership sphere. I have my opinion as to how to achieve gender justice. I think it need not take the form of all women against all men. I think it should rather be a matter of all lovers of gender justice against all retrogressive forces that oppose empowerment and gender equity. So we are bound to disagree. But our disagreement need not take the form of these bitter and highly personalized attacks and insults.

Enough is enough. We have a lot more to do together. DPA is a leader in the war against human trafficking and sex slavery. DPA is a leader in causes aimed at the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse. DPA is a leader in human right issues and prevention of Police brutality. DPA is a leader in causes aimed at extending access to justice to the poor. DPA is a leader in the prevention of sexual violence and exploitation of minors. For anyone to assume that DPA is against FIN or that DPA is only about Chacha, the person has it wrong. If the reason for such conception was because on the eve of my departure to Abuja, I had instructed the DPA Arts Director to put up a DPA banner showing Chacha, the banner was only intended to last for the period I was in Abuja. It was unknown to us last week that I would stay more than one day in Abuja.



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