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#JusticeForChacha | Husband Of Missing Abuja Woman, Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon Releases Press Statement

Aiyedogbon Family in happier times: L-R, David Aiyedogbon, Juliet Aiyedogbon & Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon | Source: Facebook


The husband of the missing Abuja woman, Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon has responded to the allegaions that he had a hand in his wife’s disappearance/death,  Frontiers News reports.

David Aiyedogbon, a retired civil servant has called on the inspector general of Police (IGP), Mr. Ibrahim Idris to thoroughly investigate the allegations against him by one Emeka Ugwuonye.

Mr. Aiyedogbon while addressing journalists in Abuja, on Monday, described the allegation as cruel, criminal and untrue stressing that his enstrangled wife Charity left their matrimonial home in 2014 and noted that since then he had never heard from her nor had any dealing with her.

He said since his former wife left his house in 2014, she had petitioned the ICPC alleging that he has property in London and across the country as well as billions of naira in several accounts in different banks in the country and urged the ICPC to seize the property and freeze the accounts.

Mr. Aiyedogbon said that after investigations, the ICPC found out that all the allegations against him by his estranged wife were false and subsequently disposed the case.

He stated thus,

“I have no billions in my account nor do I have a N1 billion house in London. All that they are doing is to drag my name into the [mud] and to embarrass me publicly but I have said it over and over again that no amount of blackmail or intimidation will make me crave in.”

“Since June 2014, I have not had anything to do with Charity or heard or communicated with her,” Aiyedogbon said stressing that both families had severally tried to reconciled them but the move failed.

“No member of Charity’s family had spoken to me that she is missing or dead as alleged by Emeka Ugwuonye. The father who have not spoken with me since 2014 called me a few days ago to ask after the children and he didn’t mention to me that his daughter Charity was missing or dead.

So I don’t know where the lawyer is getting his facts. If he has killed or kidnapped Charity, he should come forward to say so.”

Explaining the circumstances that led to the disagreement between him and his former wife, Aiyedogbon said his enstrangled wife Charity left their home on May 20, 2014 following a request for N20 million from him and that his refusal to make the money available to her led to her departure.




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