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#JusticeForChacha | Update On E-Mass Protests For Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon

CHACHA-CHARITY AIYEDOGBON-427x640A mass electronic protest for the missing Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon commenced yesterday at 10am nationwide and also by Nigerians in diaspora.

US-based Nigerian lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, who coordinated the protests has released a statement of the outcome.

The founder of The Due Process Advocates (DPA) wrote on their Facebook Page:


I use this opportunity to thank all members of DPA who participated in the electronic and communication protest (E-Protest) DPA organized against the lazy attitude and ineptitude of the Nigerian police. The immediate purpose of the protest was to create awareness with the police command that a serious crime has been committed and that we need justice to be done. We wanted the Nigerian police to know that this is not the type of case that could be swept under the carpet.

We also had the goal of using the protest to present the true story to the Nigerian law enforcement authority. This is not the case that David Aiyedogbon reported. Chat’s case is not about a woman that is hiding with the help of her friends, in order to extort money from her husband. It is a case of a woman missing for 8 weeks and who is now reported dead.

Our protest served another purpose. It was meant to send a message to those who have harmed or who killed Chacha. We wanted them to know that there will be no peace for them. We wanted them to know that the friends of Chacha, the good people this country, and particularly the members of DPA were not going to fold their arms and keep quiet as a human life is taken by evil people.

On these three objectives, I declare the protest a resounding success in the first day. Many of the police hierarchy were taken by storm. Even the retired IG couldn’t take it. He got so upset that he hated to hold his phone. That was the purpose. We wanted to rattle the police. We wanted to deny them the peace and relaxation when our sister, our dear friend and colleague was taken and her life destroyed just like that. Those police leaders who felt irritated by the protest of yesterday have no idea what is coming their way.

The protest must continue. It must continue until we are assured that the IG of police is going the give the case of Chacha top priority. So, my dear friends members, pick up your phones and start typing the protest messages. Send them ten messages each. Don’t listen to their excuses. Demand action and results. Ask the police what they have done about Mrs. Charity Aiyedogbon case. Ask the police what is holding them from arresting the man who killed Chacha.

If you forgot the numbers, we shall provide them again. Let the protest continue full spead. If after today the police leaders still have not taken any concrete step in this matter, we shall expand our phone calls and sms to their wives. So, very soon, the wives of the police officers will be included on the list of phones to be contacted.

We shall not rest! We shall not relent! We shall not flinch! Neither shall we waver until Chacha’s killers are arrested and prosecuted to the last letter of the law.

Protest continues! Indeed, for our members outside Nigeria, either getting to bed in America or waking up in Asia, start now: this very minute to send protest sms to the police high command. Wake them up with your messages. They cannot sleep when Chacha’s case is ignored.

This case has transcended from being a family saga to a societal issue. Chacha was a Nigerian woman. She was last seen in Abuja on May 9, 2016. She has been missing for over 2 months. There are strong indications that she might already be dead, as the body of a decapitated and mutilated woman was found and believed to be hers.

Her family has displayed a great nonchalance to her disappearance even as they is a public outcry over the fact that no useful information has been given as to her whereabouts.

Nigerian people want answers.

Here are the numbers to call to press for #JusticeForChacha

*Solomon Arase 08023036426, 08037174527 (We know he is retired. He remains in a position to redirect us.)

*Ibrahim K. Idris – The current IGP number is: – 08033850565

* MR ABEL.. Head, Special investigation Bureau FCT police Command. 08069800012

*CSO to IGP…Mr Sunny 08033129778

*THE ONLY WOMAN DIG-08054270030.

*Commissioner of Police Abuja: 08032003913, 08028940883, 07057337653

*DIG Department Of Criminal Investigation: 08033024716

*AIG Patrick D .Dokumbor Zone 7 Abuja: 08033429440

*FCT Abuja C.P Wilson Inalegun: 08056117686

*Abuja Police Spokesman, ASP Inalegun: 08189689761

Shout for justice on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Use the hashtag, #JusticeForChacha



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