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Kano Bomb Blast Update: Igbo Oppose Mass Burial As Death Toll Increases To 75

The Igbo community in Kano, yesterday, opposed a supposed planned mass burial for their kinsmen who lost their lives during last Monday’s bomb attack.

Accordingly, they have asked the authorities to release the bodies to them following claims by some of their relations that they could still identify a few of them by their attires.

There was a claim earlier on Wednesday by the non-natives that the authorities moved in a truck into the Murtala Muhammed Hospital at dusk on Tuesday to evacuate the bodies preparatory to giving them a mass burial. Click below to read more…

However, a spokesman for the non-natives and president of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano State chapter, Chief Tobias Michael Idika, insisted that the bodies should be released to the Igbo community, so that they could be conveyed to their various communities in the South-East and buried according to Igbo customs and tradition.

He also asked the federal authorities instead of the state government to deal directly with the families of the victims on measures aimed at cushioning the effect of the tragedy on the people.

He explained that the suggestion was informed by the need to avoid a reoccurrence of what happened during a similar incident in the past when some kind gestures from well-meaning individuals, corporate organizations and the federal government did not to get to those affeced.

Meanwhile, the three days of mourning declared on Tuesday by the non-indigenes resident in Kano will come to an end today (Thursday).

Apart from offering prayers, the Igbo traders were directed to keep their shops locked during the mourning period.

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