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Kanye West Breaks Up Fight Between Two Paparazzi At LAX Airport

Nasty brawl! Both men were photographed as they evidently attempted to snatch one another's camera equipmentMusician Kanye West leaped into action to break up a fierce fist fight between 2 warring paparazzi as he arrived at LAX airport on Friday. Kanye, 38, broke up the fight as fists and designer sneakers flew.

Kanye hugged one paparazzi while the other photogs restrained the other combatant. After breaking up the fight Kanye turned his attention to fans who mobbed the father-of-2 for autographs.

Good job, Kanye!Grateful for the Grammy winner! Once Kanye played helpful hero and rescued the man who appeared to be assaulted, the photographer graciously thanked him with a huge bear hug Doing the right thing! The Grammy winner was all smiles until he noticed the outburst and quickly stepped in to bring things to a hault




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