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Kanye West Planning Revenge Song For Nicki Minaj

KANYE-NICKI-1It seems like everyone in Hollywood is talking about Tyga’s relationship with Kylie Jenner, who’s obviously a minor.

Tyga’s ex, Blac Chyna, 27, has taken to social media in the past to blast Kylie and her lips. Amber Rose, 31, has even thrown her two cents in. And now, Nicki Minaj, 32, has taken the baton to express her disdain for Tyga’s relationship with Kylie.

Nicki Minaj threw some major shade at Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship in her new video for ‘Feeling Myself.’ But if you mess with Kylie, you mess with Kanye West.

Nicki may have started something big with her new video. It has the makings of a good ol’ fashion rap feud! In the “Feeling Myself” video, released May 18, Nicki sported a Givenchy jersey that read PERVERT over the number 17, a not-so-subtle jab at both Tyga and Kylie.

While Nicki seems fine to slam Tyga, she may now have to worry about Yeezus coming after her! What does Yeezy have in plan for Nicki? HollywoodLife.com also gave the scoop!

A source EXCLUSIVELY told the website that Kylie’s brother in law, Kanye, 37, is not happy and he plans on standing up for Kylie by releasing a diss track of his own! The source said:

“Kanye is taking [the insult against Kylie & Tyga] personally. 

He’s sick and tired of people attacking Tyga and Kylie’s relationship, and he’s not about to let Nicki get away with it by being so outright rude in her video.”

Well, I find this story awkward, because not long ago, Kanye and Nicki sat together at an Alexander Wang fashion show with Nicki playing with his little daughter, North West. So a revenge song from Kanye would be plain stupid in my opinion as the shade was targeted at Tyga who is obviously the ‘pervert’ and not Kylie.

Nicki already had some beef with Tyga who was her former label mate, so let’s see how it plays out. But Yeezus shouldn’t butt in…he’s too wayyy up there in creds to get his hands messy with this.




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