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Karma Visits Lagos Bus Driver Who Sped Off With Passenger’s N950 Change

bus-lagos-2A Nigerian woman took to Instagram to narrate this story…

So yesterday, I was going to the market, after using an ATM machine close to my house….. I waited for a bus going to market so I can buy somethings. Bus came and I asked conductor if he has change cuz I was having 1k notes all through, conductor said madam enter I get chance….

So I gave him 1k hoping to collect 950 change…. Conductor give me change he said madam eni suru (wait) I will give you ur change, so I keep reminding him until I get to my Bustop, meanwhile we were just two people left in the bus, so I get to my supposed junction and stopped.

Came down from the bus and asked conductor for my Change…. Hmmmmm na so driver speed off with conductor ….. Without me collecting my change…. So I just stood there watching them….

To my surprise, they went and hit another bus .. And their bus was badly damaged… Last last…. I still went after them and collect my change……. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 God is Awesome



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