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Kate Henshaw Still Has a Cordial Relationship With Her Ex-Hubby

Kate Henshaw has been living in our silver screens for over a decade. She’s made us laugh, cry and kept us all well entertained. This great Nollywood talent is currently back on our screens as a judge on Nigeria’s Got Talent, (NGT.)

Whenever we see the ever young Nigerian actress on screen, she exudes this great positive energy and vivacity, that we tend to forget she’s been estranged from her British Husband, Rod Nuttal for a while now.

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For her fans who might be wondering how she’s been coping after her separation, Kate said recently that her relationship with her ex, Nuttal is so cordial. She said they often talk because they both have a daughter they must look after, so they must talk about her welfare and everything concerning her.

She says there is no animosity really between her and her Ex. “It didn’t work, it didn’t work. It’s good to leave than to live together in rancor, with hatred. Sooner or later it will affect my work. You people would say, this girl, there is something wrong with her. If someone is not happy in her home, you will know. It will show in her work, no two ways about it.”

The sexy actress says she’s keeping her heart open for new love but she’s not desperate for it either. I know some guys will be making plans. 😉

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  1. one fulfilled gal is our kate. Do whatever your heart desire dearest screen Diva

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