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“Kim Wants Me To Freeze My Eggs” – Khloe Kardashian Reveals In New Interview

KHLOE KARDASHIAN-YAHOO-2Khloe Kardashian is officially the ‘K’ with whom we’d most like to be BFFs.

At 31-years-old, the youngest of the three most famous sisters in the world, says she started calling herself “the fat one” because everyone else did first. “I would say it to beat them to the punch,” she tells Yahoo Style’s Joe ZeeKHLOE KARDASHIAN-YAHOO-1Needless to say, no one is saying that now. Laughing and glowing three weeks before her estranged husband would be found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada, this Kardashian radiated a different kind of confidence on our set, one suggesting she doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.

The secret, she says, is to love yourself. She says:KHLOE KARDASHIAN-YAHOO-3

“If Instagram were to take a picture of your soul, what would that look like? I know my soul is beautiful, I know I’m a good person, and that will never change for me.”

KHLOE KARDASHIAN-YAHOO-4 Like everywhere else in her life, the golden-haired Kardashian doesn’t hold anything back in this episode of I Yahoo’d Myself—“I can’t keep my mouth shut!”

She debunks myths about her new talkshow Kocktails With Khloe, confesses to being in constant competition with her sisters, and admits that babies may be in her future.

Khloe said:

“Kim is trying to talk to me about freezing eggs but I’m like, ‘B—-h—How old do you think I am!?’”KHLOE KARDASHIAN-YAHOO-5

Culled From: Yahoo! Style



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