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Kwam 1’s Pregnant Mistress Shamelessly Demands For a Baby Shower

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It was all over the news recently that Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, popularly called “K1 De Ultimate”, impregnated his former wife’s niece, Titi Masha.

Now, the expectant mother who lives in Lagos, insisted that K1 must throw her a baby shower, which is amusing because practically everyone who is close to her wasn’t going to attend. Her parents were said to be so ashamed of what she did, especially her mother, Mosun Masha, who has allegedly severed communication with her. Her siblings also are keeping their distance.

The baby shower held on Friday, October 19, at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. But K1 reluctantly agreed to sponsor the party on the condition that no photographs whatsoever will be taken.

To prove that he meant it, K1 was reported to have stayed at the party venue to keep a close watch on the guests. He allegedly threatened to smash any camera or phone that would be used to capture the event.

Titi, who was upset with the way K1 harassed her guests was sulking and complaining to her friends all through the party. Obviously, K1 was eaten by the guilt of the scandal.

Hmmm…e never start. Yeye!



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  1. Not Yeye alone, nah long throat. Shameless hussy

  2. What is “ye ye” about it? In this country where Presidents & Ex-presidents,where senators,House of Rep members,Commissioners,Ministers,Govenors & other politicians & stake holders engage in illicit affairs & when it comes out,nothing happens. Questions are not asked,enquires are not made,people are not indicted.
    In this country,where money is tool for having mistresses everywhere & now Kwam 1 has his & mouths are wagging? I don’t believe our double standard system we live in.
    Don’t get me wrong,I don’t subscribe to such illicit & dirty affair,but to criticise it while there are more than a 100 more popular ones out there simply makes me sick.
    You’re welcome.

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