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Ladies, Which Of These ‘Dapper’ Men Would You Hit On?

SUIT MAN-CVHmmm…what do we have here? Some guys who definitely think they’re on top of their fashion game.

While trying to keep a straight face as much as possible I shall introduce them to you…

Mr. Triple Belt

SUIT MAN-BELTThis guy feels making a customised pair of trousers that could hold 3 belts at once is the perfect solution to taming a pot belly.

Mr. Bore-Berry

SUIT MAN-BURBERRYYou’ve gotta give it to this Papa. He went through all the trouble to find every piece of clothing and accessory with a Burberry print. His jacket, pants, shirt, tie, paper boy hat, shoes, umbrella and even his bible case all pay homage to the famous British designer. I wonder if Papa also tried looking for matching sunglasses in the same print?

Mr. Supersize

SUIT MAN-OVERSIZEThese guys were probably deceived by their mommy that they are still growing children. So getting their suits tailored with an extra allowance sure made room for when they eventually grow into it.

Mr. Tucker

SUIT MAN-TUCK INThis is a very organised man. He needs to prove to his lady that he is as straight as a ruler and there’ll be no need to worry about shady business.

So ladies…which of these guys have stolen your heart? Vote now!!

Vote using the box below. Remember you can’t see poll results if you do not vote.

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