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Lagos Trader Claims She is 7-Months Pregnant For Funke Akindele’s Hubby

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E247 is a Lagos-based soft-sell magazine. This magazine reported that a Lagos trader known as Modinat Nike Dada is seven months pregnant for the husband of pretty actress, Funke Akindele.

Modinat who is in her 30’s alleged she met Almaroof Oloyede Kehinde  through her sister who is a tenant in one of Almaroof’s shops in Oshodi. Modinat claims she went to live with her sister after her first marriage ended. It was there she met Almaroof, popularly known as Kendo in the Oshodi area of Lagos State, and they started a romantic affair.

According to the magazine, Almaroof and Modinat were desperate to have a baby together so they visited some spiritualists to help out. So, Modinat was devastated when she heard about Funke Akindele’s marriage to Almaroof in the media. By then, she was already pregnant!

The magazine also reported that Modinat had been put under pressure to keep sealed lips over the issue, especially to the press. She was reportedly promised a reward for keeping quiet; probably the posh apartment in the Agege area of Lagos where she currently lives.

Almaroof is now expecting three babies from three women. One from Funke Akindele, who is presently pregnant; another from his second wife, Fadekemi believed to put to bed soon and Modinat who is expecting his baby probably this December.

These will add up to the five children Almaroof already has.

So the nagging question is: if Modinat was pressured to keep quiet, how did this information leak?

Almaroof is certainly one hell of a busy man. 😉



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