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Last Portraits Of Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali “The Greatest”

MUHAMMAD ALI-LAST PORTRAITS-1Muhammad Ali was the greatest sportsman ever to live. The legendary boxer died on Saturday at the age of 74.

Ali is pictured with his fists clenched and lifted in a ‘fight’ position for the final time in haunting photographs from his last photo shoot by British photographer Zenon Texeira who was invited into Ali’s home in Phoenix, Arizona, at the end of March this year.

The harrowing effects of fighting Parkinson’s disease for 32 years can be seen in the beautiful photos published by the Daily Mail for the first time…..MUHAMMAD ALI-LAST PORTRAITS-2 MUHAMMAD ALI-LAST PORTRAITS-3 MUHAMMAD ALI-LAST PORTRAITS-4 MUHAMMAD ALI-LAST PORTRAITS-5 MUHAMMAD ALI-LAST PORTRAITS-6



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