Late Emir Of Kano’s Mistress Threatens To Commit Suicide By Monday [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


Emir-of-Kano-Ado-BayeroThe late Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero was a well-loved and influential traditional ruler.  As the Emir of Kano for more than 50 years, Mr. Bayero was only third to the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emir of Gwandu in prominence in the perking order of northern Nigeria traditional rulers. 

Beyond his royal and religious influence, Emir Bayero was also an astute businessman with investments spanning almost all sectors of the Nigerian economy and even beyond, his associates say. He is believed to have left behind a lot of wealth.

One of Emir Bayero’s alleged mistresses recently contacted PREMIUM TIMES to say she was in a lengthy but secret affair with him and that her children had been abandoned by Bayero’s family to suffer. She has threatened suicide by tomorrow, Monday if nobody comes to her aid.

Her name is Hauwa Momoh, daughter of a former senior traditional ruler in Edo State, the Otaru of Auchi…which makes her a princess. Read her story exclusively investigated and published by PREMIUM TIMES, after which we shall analyse her story…

Hauwa’s Story

With four wives already – maximum for a Muslim man – Mr. Bayero also maintained intimate relationships with a number of other women not married to him, Hauwa recently revealed. She said at least 16 of the women were known, and she was one of the lot. Her affair with Emir Bayero lasted 30 years, yielded two children, and the emir accepted and took care of them until his death in June. This is how it started…

Ms. Momoh’s relationship with Emir Bayero began in 1984. Her father, the late Otaru of Auchi, Ahmed Guruza Momoh, who was Emir Bayero’s friend had requested the late Emir to help her secure admission into Bayero University Kano [BUK], named after the emir himself. But instead of an admission into BUK, Ms. Momoh became pregnant for the Emir in 1986.

Ms. Momoh travelled back to Auchi to break the news to her father. The shocked chief sent her back to the emir, and vowed she would not be allowed to have her baby in his house without marriage. Fifteen years later, a second child, a boy, arrived. She did not return to school and appears never to have been in any gainful employment.

She says:

“I found out I was pregnant in 1986 when I was in London, and as I got back I told him I was pregnant for him, he then said we will get married after I put to bed because Islamically it’s wrong to marry someone who is pregnant.

I stayed in Kano for 32 years, the Emir was very nice to me while he was alive, he took care of me and our two children, and he gave us money, he was indeed a nice man before he died.

I was not able to see the Emir for one year as he fell ill, at the same time my children were also sick so I had to relocate to Lagos for further and better treatment. I and my children stayed in Lagos in my friends place till my children got better.”

After the emir took ill, communications slowed between him and his mistress. Two weeks before Mr. Bayero died, Ms. Momoh travelled to see him in Kano. While there, she said she realized her home in Kano had been vandalized and all her properties were stolen, leaving the house empty.

When she eventually met the emir, the traditional ruler, she said, promised to take care of her and her children. He promised them shelter and directed one of his sons, Nasir, to ensure that was done. 

That warm relationship between her and Nasir broke down after the emir’s death. Now, Ms. Momoh blames Nasir and another of the late emir’s son, Aminu, for her troubles, saying they refused to carry out their father’s directive.

As her suffering and that of her children worsened, she said she met Nasir on several occassions, to convey to him how desperate she needed help. The two sons promised to get back to her, but never did. Ms. Momohs said today her children are no longer in school, as they roam the country looking for shelter. She is currently in Abuja squatting with a friend and struggling to survive.

Ms. Momoh said she was sent N250, 000 from Kano with a request to stay off the media. She said the money lasted two days as it could not sustain the lifestyle set for her by the emir while alive. On Friday, Ms. Momoh said she turned down another N2 million as settlement, because it was too meagre, given her current needs, taste and the family’s wealth. After turning down the money she said:

“Nasir knew us very well. In fact, he used to come and give us money for upkeep when his father was alive. 

I almost slept at the central Mosque in Abuja, I have no savings, I have no roof over my head, my first daughter is due for the university but she is with me, my second son has been out of school for over a year now. We find it very difficult to eat. And all this became worse after the Emir died.

Just in case we don’t make it to Monday, tell our story.”

Ado Bayero’s family declined to speak formally to PREMIUM TIMES on the case.

MY DEEVANALYSIS (based on the facts reported by the newspaper above)

  • If she was pregnant with her first child with Emir Bayero in 1986, then Hauwa’s daughter should be 27 years old, today. The average age a child finishes high school in Nigeria is 16. That leaves the child graduating from university at age 20-21 for a four-year course, or at age 22-23 for a six-year course. No matter the course, at 27, Hauwa’s daughter is expected to have graduated, finished her NYSC programme and even looking for a job. So what then does she mean by her “first daughter is due for the university”? Don’t forget, this daughter had been accepted by the Emir as his so they shouldn’t have been any financial constraints in educating her.
  • Isn’t it imbecilic that a 27 year old girl is threatening suicide with her mother, when she has no physical disabilities preventing her from working to make a living? I can partially excuse the 13-year-old boy because he is still a minor but, the girl?…hmmm!
  • I read on a popular blog, how an orphan girl was able to save up N60,000 from working at a motor transport company. She wanted to start trading in costume jewellery with it. And here am I reading this bunkum about a woman blowing N250,000 in two days for the flimsy reason that it cannot cater to her “lifestyle”. Which lifestyle is that biko? When you don’t know how to lift a finger to trade or work anywhere? N250,000 are some Nigerian men’s monthly salary and they feed, clothe, educate and shelter their families with it. So what is she telling me?
  • When asked why she never returned to school after giving birth to her first child or why she was never gainfully employed after that, Hauwa had no reason to give. They sent a young girl to school, she went to sleep with her father’s friend; dropped out of school and preferred to be a kept woman. Now the man who ‘kept’ you is dead, you cannot survive on your own and so you must die. Perfectly reasonable logic to me.
  • This is a lesson for our men. The Bible in Proverbs chapter 31 talks of a hard working woman who is an excellent homemaker and an international merchant; famous for her ability to successfully multitask. Not all women are worth sleeping with, talk less of fathering children with. Before you rush after a woman think very carefully about what genes she will pass to your children. Can she and her offspring protect and sustain your legacy? Emir Bayero was an astute business man according to his associates. He was a wise ruler according to his people. But he fathered children by Hauwa. Children who have been brainwashed by their mother to see life through rose-coloured glasses; children who have refused to lift their hands to work. Emir Bayero was a hardworking businessman, despite the fact that he could have as well lived a comfortable life through royalties and presidential favours. But he choose to make his own wealth with his own HANDS. But today, his alleged offspring are threatening suicide because they feel it is their right to just sit and squander the wealth he made.
  • Do I blame Nasir and his brother? Not in the least! Thank God, the beloved Emir left behind sons with some sense. The truth is no matter how much money Hauwa is settled with, she will still squander all of it in a month. So what’s the point? 
  • I think the 13 year old boy should be taken away from her before she gives him poison to drink to fulfill her cause. The little boy shouldn’t be subject to such a hostile environment. As for the mother and her 27-year-old daughter, they can kill themselves if they like. For Pete’s sake, at 27, I was already married with two kids. Forgive me for sounding harsh, but it will be almost impossible for me to excuse this madness. I’ve seen a woman turn around hundreds of thousands of Naira with a starting capital of just N5,oo0 with which she used in buying beans and firewood to start akara business. But of course, how can a princess fry akara for a living? It is more shameful for a princess to fry akara by the roadside than die an abominably shameful death through suicide.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE. I’ll give you a feedback on this story if she even has the courage to commit suicide on Monday. Nor be tomorrow? Ehen na, we go see!


Hauwa’s story was exclusively reported by PREMIUM TIMES

Deevanalysis by Peace Ben Williams

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