Laura Ikeji May Be Dating Kanu Nwankwo’s Younger Brother, Ogbonna Kanu [MY #DEEVANALYSIS]


LAURA-BDAYLinda Ikeji’s younger sister Laura Ikeji, is rumoured to be in a sizzling relationship with Kanu Nwankwo’s younger brother, 36 year old Christopher Ogbonnaya Kanu.

But gossip blog, says Laura is struggling so hard to keep the relationship a secret, even she gushed about him on Valentine’s Day and on her birthday. A snapshot of the Instagram celeb’s cellphone shows her standing beside a mystery guy. She makes it hard to tell who he is because she has their heads cut off from our view.LAURA-BF-2

The gossip blog wrote:

“You will notice that the pics where Laura praised and gushed about her boo, she usually hid his face. But putting two and two together from other pics she’s shared, you will be able to match the outfits on pics with full face to pics with hidden face.

Here is Laura in jeans bum short and white sneakers as is in the background pic and Ogbonna holding a sneaker pole in white shirt as is on background pic.LAURA-BF-1LAURA-BF-7LAURA-BF-8There are reports that Laura and Ogbonna started dating less than a year ago after meeting through a mutual friend. Ogbonna, a retired Nigerian football defender and Laura even spent their last Valentine together in Texas, United States of America.

They just got back from a vacation in Ghana where the couple privately celebrated Laura’s birthday. Laura turned a year older March 15th, 2016.LAURA-BF-5LAURA-BF-4LAURA-BF-3Ogbonna is dad to his two kids with a British woman. In 2013, it was reported that the handsome ex-footballer lost some of his assets to the lady after she took Ogbonna to court over an alleged infidelity claim

He was also reportedly involved in a very serious relationship with a top Nollywood actress (name withheld), with many believing that it was altar bound until it packed up in 2009.


I haven’t yet confirmed how true this gist is. But if it is, then I think that Laura is a smart girl for keeping her love life out of social media.

Social media is good for business, but when it comes to your personal life, it is the anti-Christ. It steals your peace and happiness. The most stupid thing anyone could ever do is to open up your private life to total strangers who are completely clueless about how to make themselves happy or successful. These are the same people who will drop hundreds of ignorant comments on your timeless; making you stressed out, depressed and ungrateful to your God for the life that he gave you.

I’m beginning to admire Laura. She killed that immature girl who was always going after people who attacked her elder sister on social media. She grew up, honed her skills, put them to better use and is now selling out products for big businesses on Instagram.

I remember calling her “foul mouthed” in one of my early deevanalysis. I think she took my advice back then (or I’d like to think God used me as that vessel) and my opinion somewhat counted in her. Whatever it is, all glory to Jehovah alone, as my aim is not to bring down but give tough love for a positive change.

Now anything Laura touches simply turns to gold. She has learnt and has matured. Emotionally, she’s ripe for a relationship. And if she has found that man, I wish her the best of God’s favour…and of course lots of wisdom in protecting her happiness.

If she keeps this up, I think Laura could well be heading for the path of a deeva interrupted. Respect!


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