Lekki Policeman Assaults Half-Naked Woman In Public…Did She Get What She Deserved? [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


A woman was allegedly assaulted last night by a Nigerian policeman.

An eyewitness sent in this report to Linda Ikeji’s Blog:

A police man attached to the Maruko police station in Lekki phase 1 who goes by the name Mr Ik Okocha assaulted a woman yesterday.

I witnessed the incident. The police man was smelling of alcohol and he looked and spoke like he was not in his right state of mind.

The lady had an argument with a taxi driver then the police man decided to get involved. He wrestled with the girl and punched her even after his fellow police men told him to leave the girl.

He was also going to get his rifle to shoot the girl, if it wasn’t for the other police men who stopped him.

This police officer should be expelled from the police force as he is a disgrace to the force.”

Watch the video…

MY DEEVANALYSISWell, I watched the 16-second video even though I wish the eyewitness who shared it had shown us what happened some seconds before that. So based on the video, this is what I have to say:

  • Why would a civilian even think of assaulting a uniformed officer? The woman took off her blouse, flung it aside and then went over to the policeman and shoved him. Then he is heard yelling at her, “You dey craze?” (Are you crazy?) and he strikes her across the face. I just don’t get why she shoved him first and taunting the officer with words such as “beat me now?” It is so wrong.
  • The policeman didn’t look at all drunk to me. Rather the girl looked depraved as she stripped herself naked in public to fight a man who obviously was no match for her strength-wise.
  • I heard her friends call her “Aisha”…like seriously? That’s like a Muslim name right? I never heard of no Aisha behave like that.
  • The eyewitness claimed the policeman was going to get his rifle to shoot the girl. We did not see this in the video, so we are not sure of this allegation. But if there be some truth to it, this matter should be properly investigated and the IG should really give his men a sound orientation on how to handle aggressive citizens. Whether they need to be restrained with handcuffs or a taser. Certainly not threatening to shoot an innocent person.
  • Finally Nigerians, learn to conduct yourselves with decorum in public. Where is all this aggressiveness and the urge to be violent coming from? If Aisha had a disagreement with a taxi driver and luckily a group of policemen happened to be nearby, shouldn’t she have let them settle the dispute? Surely all the policemen couldn’t have been drunk at the same time even though the eyewitness alleged that the fighting policeman smelled of alcohol.
  • How does a woman exposing her breasts to fight a uniformed officer in public solve anything? In a way, she got what she deserved.


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