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Let Everything That Has Breath Praise The Lord In Every Tongue Known To Man!!!

This praise is written in my native dialect, Ibibio. I was so moved when I read it because as we all know, worship has more meaning to us when it is done in our native dialect.

This praise is titled “The Joy Of Seeing A New Year,” and it says:

“On the last day of an old year, I shall sing of  my Jehovah’s love

I shall testify of His goodness and His wondrous works

I shall sing of it at all times, because Jehovah is my path to salvation

May glory, praise, honour and thanksgiving be unto our God in heaven most high

Father, thank you for your deliverance and protection in the year 2012

You, O God has been the  rock and pillar I leaned on in years past

You, O God will continue to be my help in 2013 and in future years to come

You are my place of refuge in this lifetime and my everlasting home

Receive my praise!”

What do have to say to your maker this first day of a new year? Why not leave your comments to God in your own native dialect. It doesn’t matter if we do not understand you…God does.

You may also wish to translate your praise so other readers could be blessed.

How beautiful it will be to see praises to God in every tongue and language known to man!

Praise our God!



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  1. Nna, I di nso ezie, isi-iyi nke ihe niile di nso. Ka ihe niile e kereke kpo isi-ala ma kwuputa na I bu dinwenu nke uwa niile n’eziokwu. Ka afo ohuru a buru ngozi nyere umu gi niile, ndi tukwasiri obi ha niile na gi.
    Nso Nso Nso ka Dinwenanyi di. Otito diri ya ebighi ebi, amem

  2. yes, let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

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