Let’s Talk About Evil Spirits Killing African Migrants In The Sahara Desert [WATCH VIDEO]


sahara desert-2For the past one month, Nigerian migrants have been returning from Libya with gory tales of woe.

I’ve watched several videos of African migrants in makeshift rafts drowning at sea, women telling of being raped, and men beaten up and tortured. But one of these stories keep chilling my bones each time I listen to it.

A young lady barely in her 20s was interviewed by TV360, she warned every potential migrant hearing her voice never to set foot out of Nigeria. She said she was locked up in a room for 4 days without food or water. She said was very lucky to have returned home and it was only God who saved her. She said it was better to take up farming in the village than seeking greener pastures in Libya and Italy that do not exist.

What struck me most was when she said, evil spirits in the Sahara desert killed more Africans in the desert than the Libyan slave traders. She said you could be riding in a car and see evil spirits pass by. Like, how is that even possible?

I know the supernatural world exists, but it supposedly exists parallel to our physical world. As ridiculous as her story may seem, I have a very strong reason not to doubt her because just listening to her you can tell she has seen more than her eyes ought to see. She looks like she has been through the land of death and back.

When we tell a dead soul to rest in peace, you may never know how much that means. You can never find such chaos in a cemetery, because nearly all the dead bodies there are resting in peace. I can just imagine the countless souls who died in the desert under the scorching sun. They must have had high hopes for their future…a future of luxury and wealth in Europe. All they had to do was pass through the desert, then cross the Mediterranean and they were in Europe. Many of them were captured and killed by organ traffickers. Women raped and turned into sex slaves until they died from the torture. Those who were lucky to make it to the Mediterranean perished at sea. So you find a lot of angry dead souls roaming the desert…souls whose relatives don’t know are even dead.

Watch the video…

How is it that spirits brazenly attack the living physically? I’ve pondered on this issue so much that I must have to stop before I lose my mind. What are your thoughts on this?


Video Credits: TV360 | Monica Omorodion Swaida/Facebook


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