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“Linda Ikeji Failed To Use Her ‘Number 6′” – Bianka Johnson

BIANKA-FBThankfully, Linda Ikeji is no longer trending on Twitter. It was really crazy last night. There was so much talk that it was becoming hard to filter the comments of those who meant well, those who were being sarcastic and those who were downright gloating. It was even harder to see comments which were proffering a solution to the shutting down of Linda’s blog

Bottom line is, only a demon is happy at another person’s downfall. It doesn’t tell well about the purity of your soul. The most important aspect of a problem is finding a way forward.

That’s why I’m sharing the thoughts of a wise woman I admire on my blog. Bianka Johnson shared her thoughts on what linda should have done to avoid all this. I think it worth reading and maybe, we can also relate this to one or two things in our lives. Bianka wrote:

I am not Linda Ifeoma Ikeji‘s fan, but I admire her tenacity. I admire her rag to riches story. I admire women who are goal diggers not gold diggers. I admire strong women who paved the way for others to follow especially young girls.

She made money exclusively from blogging and effortlessly spends it without owing anyone an apology or explanation. Nigeria is not a place to display wealth ostentatuosly when millions can hardly afford three square meals per day.

I am not saying that was the case here. She is a sagacious business woman but failed to apply number 6. Linda Ikeji blog was her baby, why didn’t she protect it? She should have established ownership of her domain the moment she started making profit off it. That’s what smart business people do.

Unfortunately she didn’t surround herself with reasonable business people, she has parasites and vultures Instead. A business lawyer, certified accountant and a PR should have been on her payroll.

She was accused of plagiarism. That’s when a good lawyer comes in to analyze all the evidence and advices his client on the danger of lifting information from others without giving credit. Just because other bloggers are doing it doesn’t make it right. You are already a trendsetter, be different and do it right.

Last year I posted something on my Facebook only to find it on Doris Dosage blog. She posted it without giving facebook the credit(culled site) nor did she ask if it was okay to post for her readers. Knowing that I love to cook and enjoy cooking for my friends wether male or female, made her headline “Bianka will never cook for any man” laughable.

I read bits of Linda Ikeji’s press release two days ago, I stopped half way through because I realized she has no PR person on board. You are a good blogger, stick to it and delegate. She was not tactful, diplomatic nor rational with her press release. She also pulled out the haters card.

Haba Linda, you know better than that. You are a successful blogger so hateration is bound to happen. More reasons to tighten up every loose screws.

My two cents, learn from this and hit your haters and admirers with Linda Ikeji website and own it. Good luck and may God continue to bless your hustle sistaQueen.

Linda Ikeji

Courtesy of Bianka Afrikan Duchess Johnson on Facebook



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