Linda Ikeji Finally Does Right By Kendra Etufunwa [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


KENDRA-LINDA-2In March 2014, model and actress, Kendra Divine Etufunwa shared a photo of her in black underwear and stockings in a very emotional post about her struggles with body weight issues. And how she has learnt to accept herself as a woman who appeared thinner than normal.


The photo Kendra shared

Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji got hold of this photo and blogged it with a sarcastic title, “Top model/actress Kendra Etufunwa shares hot lingerie pic.” Then she asked her male readers if they needed a glass of water or milk to go with the pic. As soon as she published the story, many copy and paste bloggers cloned the story on their websites without verifying how that photo came about.

What should have evoked sympathy and words of encouragement soon turned to one of the most appaling body-shaming dramas I’ve ever seen on the web. Almost all 153 comments from Linda’s blog mocked and jeered Ms. Etufunwa’s body.

It was one of the few times I was really mad at Linda and I wrote an extensive deevanalysis on that. [If you missed it, click HERE to read.]

I was happy to see yesterday on Linda’s blog that she had blogged about the US-based model again. This time she did the right thing…blogged the truth.

Pardon me, I was feeling myself a bit too much. 😢

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Linda wrote on her blog:

“The 28-year-old best known for her lead role as the sexy and sinister Adanna, on M-Net hit TV series Jacob’s Cross also talked about her battle with Ectomorphs.

The Ectomorph is a type of body type characterised by small joints, skinny appearance, small chest and buttocks, difficulty building muscle and low body fat.

They often complain of relentless eating with little or no weight gain.”

The blogger also quoted the actress’ journey on finding the perfect workout and meal plan that will help her achieve a more rounded figure. Linda ended her blogpost with a word of encouragement for Kendra, “Goodluck girl!”

Those damn margaritas had me feeling Saucy! 😸💃🏽

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The readers comments this time were more sympathetic and encouraging. This is because Linda used her powerful platform to create awareness on the fact that not only obese people struggle with body weight issues. She has also taught a few people to be more accepting of people going through struggles with Ectomorph.

Thank you, Linda.


Photo Credit: Kendra Divine/Instagram | Official Linda Ikeji/Instagram | Edee Beau Hair & Makeup

Video Credit: Kendra Divine/Instagram


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