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Linda Ikeji’s Only Brother, Peks Attacked By ‘Hungry Witch’ On Instagram

PEKS IKEJISee local trouble o! These days, people cannot express themselves on their social media account without a troll popping up like abrakadabra with some evil comments.

On Instagram, Peks Ikeji..the younger and only brother of celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji is a charming gentleman with a good sense of humour.

A few times I’ve stumbled on his Instagram page, I find his posts to be sincere and funny. On this day, he shared a photos of himself chilling at his dining table with a plate of rice and fat meats which he captioned:

“I’m just one step away from being rich.”

Which got an icy response from an Instagram user named anitageorgette. She wrote,

“Yes, when your sis gets married, the mansion becomes yours. Enjoy.”

PEKS IKEJI-IGHmmm…you can never tell. This ‘Change’ has made some Nigerians so hungry that if they see someone chilling with a plate of rice, it can incite war…not to mention if there are big, big meats on the plate.

Well, Peks…if it is genuine hunger for rice, you can invite Anita to come and eat with you at your Banana Island mansion next time.

If on the other hand it is pure home-bred bad belle winch that is worrying her, then you must to revenge the attack.

The best revenge is your paper o…so Bros biko, get in formation.

I don talk finish.



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