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Look At What This Devil Did To His 4-Month-Old Niece

KILLSEMAJFor those of you who are campaigning for the legalisation of marijuana, this is what happens when peeps smoke too much weed! My fingers are shaking so much from anger right now, I don’t know whether to scream or just cry the pain out.

This guy who goes by the name Killsemaj on Twitter and Instagram tweeted a photo of a baby last night. The photo showed a 4-month old baby girl naked, with sperm splashed all over her vagina and belly. And the idiot captioned the photo with a smiley saying:


As soon as he tweeted the photo, Twitter users reacted angrily. They started a campaign to draw the attention of the micro-blogging site’s owners to the atrocity. Some people were able to map out his location and tweeted the info to the police and FBI. Right now his Twitter account has been suspended.

Some people may argue with me that this is child porn, why put it on your blog? But I say we as members of the world community owe it as a strong duty to protect our innocent children. The child’s face is not showing. Her identity is protected.

But what this demon possessed crazed man did to this innocent baby must be shown as evidence for the world to see firsthand the degree of evil a man perpetrate. Let it stare us right in the face with the big question of what we are doing to protect the innocent.

I wonder if the mother of this baby thought that her brother or brother in-law was responsible enough to babysit?

UPDATE: It was requested that I take down the photo. So photo taken down.

See the photo below as well as people’s reactions…




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