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“Make Sure Baby J Enters The World Like A Super Hero” – My Letter To Linda Ikeji

linda ikeji-pregnant-1Dear Linda,

Watching you rock your pregnancy with such finesse and contagious joy, brings back nostalgic memories of my first pregnancy which incidentally also turned out to be a male.

I chose this time to write this after all the drama and dust must have settled from the news of your engagement and pregnancy because I did not want my letter to be washed away with the whole craziness of talking about stuff just because it is trending. For a woman, nothing can ever be compared to carrying your own precious baby in your body and to feel the whole process of the formation of life of another human being take place right inside of you. It is the best prayer any well meaning woman could wish another because the feeling is indescribable and is better experienced than told.

From the first moment you discovered you had missed your period, I bet you were not sure if it was what you suspected and then you confirmed it through a pregnancy test and your mind started racing in different directions. What do I do now? What would people say? How do I share my joy with the public without being judged and misjudged? It took me down memory lane when I got pregnant in my University final year and I wondered how people will jeer at my parents who were ministers in church (an Elder and a Deaconess) for having their first daughter get pregnant out of wedlock. Oh how they whispered and gossiped! Thank God nothing trumps family. My Dad personally told me I had his support, and if all my family supports me, to hell with the world!

Your family support must have given you the strength to savour the euphoria of carrying baby J without care for the haters. I can imagine the first time…probably from three and a half to four months…he fluttered in your stomach, and you wondered, “what’s that strong wavy feeling?” and your Mom tells you that’s your baby kicking. As he grew, you paused many moments in between your work to talk to him and you’re sure that he hears you. Sometimes, he replies with a kick. It floods your heart with so much joy and love for him, it seems your heart can’t take anymore but it does because the sea of love you have for him is endless. Each time you go for your antenatal  checkup and you watch him through the ultrasound scan swimming up and down the amniotic fluid, or listen to his tiny heartbeat, I bet you can’t wait to hold him in your arms.linda ikeji-pregnant-2By now, you should be spending most of your waking days imagining what push day would feel like. (I really don’t like the word, ”Labour” because it makes it seem like suffering.) My mom told me, “Don’t be scared. It just feels like a very strong menstrual cramp”. I bet your mom is telling you all that and more. To be honest, it was worse than a strong menstrual cramp and at that point you’ll be thinking, “My God, is this what my mom went through to have me?…and she had 7?…wow…crazy woman…Lol! It will give you a new found respect for Momma. Only a strong queen can go through all that even in the midst of life’s adversities and still come out looking like a million bucks. If you were a stubborn child like me, you’ll tell her you wish you could take back all the trouble you caused her. She’ll give you that knowing smile because you’ve come of age. She will kiss you and tell you it’s nothing.

Mom is right. There is nothing to be afraid of. You were created to bring forth life and so all the forces of nature will align to ensure that your experience is as smooth as can be. Sometimes, you’ll be too excited to feel the complete pain of a contraction. My son Caleb practically flew out of me and the midwife had to catch him midair. I feel my little man announced his arrival like a super hero, but my husband says it was because I gave such a hard push like I was on steroids…Lol! Whichever  version is true, make sure baby J enters the world like a super hero.linda ikeji-pregnant-3I’m sure you have also taken time to pick a destiny-defining name for him, because trust me, such children are special. After he is born, you will miss being pregnant again because the exciting memory never fades. It is forever etched in your heart. Enjoy the joy of motherhood. I am speaking into the atmosphere for a most pleasurable birthing experience for you. I celebrate your courage and ability to discern what God is doing for you right now. Congratulations.

With kind regards,

Peace Ben Williams.



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