Mbok, Someone Please Tell Me Exactly What Ruth Kadiri Is Promoting Again?


rk1I am yet to see a photoshoot of Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri that impresses me.

I have certain questions to ask: Who styled this woman? Who made her up and who directed this photoshoot? Can a bunch of such tacky ‘professionals’ really gather in one room? What happened to ‘less is more’? What happened to simple elegance? Were elegance and sophistication quarantined like the Ebola virus on the day of this shoot?


PHOTO 1A: Shine-Shine Eye

The only lady who could pull this over-the-top look off was Goldie Harvey. She always left me panting for more. From the craziest eyelashes to the most outrageous blonde wigs, No Nigerian celeb yet has been able to beat that record. Ruth, if you were trying to channel the Goldie look, thanks for keeping her memory alive but no thanks for wounding my eye when you know it’s difficult to find Visine eyedrops nowadays to treat the damage you’ve done to my eyes.

PHOTO 1B: Make Una See My Breast!

That’s all she’s saying.Whether she’s advertising Cowbell Milk or auditioning for the porn industry is left to be known. I hear these are promotional photos. What exactly is she promoting? Ruth, are you a planning to branch from mainstream acting into pornography? Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see.

Bikonu, unless you applied that gold and pink eyeshadow yourself, let your makeup artist go back to makeup school or take tutorial from Banke Meshida. How can you spoil your fine face like this?

PHOTO 2B: The Rihanna Pose

Abeg leave this pose for Rihanna. She’s the only one who’ll do it and after cussing her out, you can’t help but admit she’s too sexy for school. Find your strengths and stick to them.

rk2PHOTOS 3 A &B: Eve Na My Mama!

Nice hair, more tolerable makeup (compared to the other) but why the hint at nudity? Okay so your channeling the Eve-in-the-garden-of-Eden look? Hmmm.

rk3PHOTOS 4 A &B: Rumplestiltskin

Another Goldie fail. Plus, that dress is so rumpled, it looks like you pulled it out of a bottle.


I saw the behind-the-scene photos of your movie shoot featuring Majid Michel and I said to myself: “Hey, that’s a hard-working young girl there.” Don’t be too desperate to climb the Nollywood ladder of success through notoriety. Hard work always pays and people notice hard work, trust me. Add integrity and a positive image to that, and you’ll be soaring high like the eagle.

Notoriety will bring you fast success, but you’ll also drop as fast as it shot you up. Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde made Time 100 without baring her flesh wantonly throughout her career. She made it through consistent delivery of talent. Omosexy is beautiful, respectable and scandal-free. She should be your role model. Don’t listen to those who cheer you on to mediocrity.

Ruth Kadiri, I wish you all the best.


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