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Meet The World’s Bendiest Woman, Julia ‘Zlata’ Günthel

Unbelievably comfortable: Russian-born Zlata can twist her legs behind her head

Julia Günthel, popularly known as Zlata, is a former gymnast from Russia. Zlata can contort herself into the most extreme poses imaginable – and has broken numerous world records for her flexibility.

While many of us may find it difficult simply bending over to touch our toes, it’s not a problem for the world’s bendiest woman. In fact, if she wants to touch her toes she can actually do so by twisting her legs up to her head.

The 5ft 8in of wonder is so flexible she can cram herself into a 50cm squared box. She said:

‘Doing these poses just feels very natural to me. Sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable if I have to hold a pose for a long time in photo shoots.

But I think that’s like anyone who sits down for a long time – their muscles get stiff.’

The 27-year-old is set to show off her ability at the upcoming International Contortion Convention in Germany, where she now lives.

Zlata who has been contorting herself since she was four years old, reveals  it wasn’t always so easy as a child as many of Zlata’s peers were jealous of her ability. She explained:

‘In Russia being flexible is a very good thing to be because everyone is really into gymnastics. Some of the other girls didn’t like how good I was.’

Zlata said she has to work out rigorously every day to stay in shape and maintain her flexibility. She added:

‘I don’t really diet but I have to train very hard to keep my muscles in shape and to be as flexible as possible.’

Easy: Doing the splits is no problem for Zlata
Bendy: The former gymnast said many of the moves come naturally for her

Honed her talent: The 27-year-old has been contorting herself into various positions since she was four

Record breaker: She has won awards for her flexibility


Super supple: Zlata can stretch into the splits but also squeeze herself in to a small box

Perfected her act: Zlata joined an after-school circus class to turn her talent into a career

Passion: Zlata said she loves contorting her body into different shapes



Envious: The Russian said some of her peers were jealous of how flexible she is

Star attraction: She will perform at the International Contortion Convention in Germany

'Addicted': Zlata said she has always loved moving her body into different shapes

Source: DailyMail UK



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