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Mel Gibson Set To Return To Hollywood After Being Blacklisted For 10 Years

mel-gibson-520x800This is what this bloke looks like these days…

For nearly a decade Mel Gibson was blacklisted in Hollywood for his erratic behavior and violent, alcohol-fueled, bigoted outbursts that shocked fans and critics alike.

But now, he is set to be welcomed back into the Hollywood fold after a 10-year ‘prison sentence’ for anti-Semitic slurs. 

The American actor, 60, had struggled to win over producers and directors in Tinseltown after he made defamatory statements about Jews to an officer who arrested him on a DUI charge in July 2006.

But after teaming up with a gay Jewish producer, David Permut, to direct World War Two-themed Hacksaw Ridge, the door looks set to be left ajar for the Oscar winner after being in so-called ‘director’s jail’ for a decade.

The new movie about a conscientious objector in the war was described by The Hollywood Reporter’s (THR) David Rooney as a ‘forceful comeback … that succeeds in combining horror with grace’.

Producer Permut told THR decided to put prejudice to one side and get to know Gibson.

‘Believe me, there were conversations I had with people who were questioning me about going down the path with Mel,’ he said.mel-gibson-cv‘But he’s not the person some people interpret him to be on the surface.

‘Ask anyone involved with this film – above the line, below the line – they all revered him.

‘The crew would lay in front of the tracks for Mel.

‘It was an amazing experience and a learning experience for me because I got to know the man whom I never really knew.’

‘I think Mel has been misunderstood by people who may not know him, but nobody can take his talent away.

‘Ultimately, I think time heals.’

mel-gibson-before-afterMel Gibson 10 years ago (left) and today | Image Credit: Mugshot, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Watch the video where Gibson sat down with Australia’s Sunday Night Channel 7 to discuss his sordid past and potential return to Hollywood’s good graces as well as the movie, ‘Haksaw Ridge…

Video Credit: Independent Journal Review




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