Memo To My Haters…Read And Weep!!

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PBWDear hater or whatever your name is,

Usually I don’t dignify you all with an answer but one of you in PBWB Haters Inc. did the most stupid and cowardly thing when he/she chose to post a hate comment using my gravatar and email address…making it seem like I was insulting myself. How desperate of you!

Let me share what this coward wrote on my blog and then I shall say my piece. The commenter wrote:

“peace or whatever ur name is, ur style of blogging is really disgusting. To think you are a wife and mother of two? All these idiots surfacing from no where all because linda ikeji made it from blogging. Your blog comes across as extremely desperate. If u have nothing better to do, go and open up a salon or start sewing cloth abeg. such desperateness from one human being all in the name of blogging. prolific blogger ko, bottom feeder ni. And what a stupid name for a blog.”

PBWB-COMMENTERIt may interest others to know that this particular hater, posted this comment under a story I wrote which I titled, What’s The Difference Between Porn Sex & Real Sex? I was inspired to share this story on my blog after hearing tales from a good number of my married friends; both male and female. Not only that, a lot of teenage boys who are about to lose their virginity and are curious about how to have sex with a girl and impress her, watch porn videos as their Sex 101 training manual.

The idea behind the story is to help reduce the unrealistic demands men place on their partners by wanting them to be who they are not; to help them appreciate their spouses for who they are and to build confidence in women so that they can be comfortable in their own skin. Now what’s “disgusting”  about that?

Now mumu, listen to me. Let me explain my blogging style to you because it’s very obvious you’re too dumb to understand. I blog about pop culture, relationships, fashion, trending news, crime, celebrity gossip, opinion pieces and pretty much anything and everything that tickles my fancy at a particular time. But there’s a catch. I just don’t blog the news and walk away. I ANALYSE most of the stories I report and THAT IS THE UNIQUE CATCH OF PEACE BEN WILLIAMS BLOG. I DEEVA-ANALYSE. In truth, PBWB isn’t just a blog. It is a Blogazine.

Why do I have to state my opinion about almost every story I publish? Because I’M A CHILD OF LIGHT. If I hold my peace and never share WISDOM, God will raise stones in my place to do so!! Isn’t there enough darkness in the world? If I report about rape, murder, people spreading dangerous ideas on social media which may damage the mentality of the younger/impressionable generation or celebs boasting about taking hard drugs and I choose to keep quiet because I just want to blog for entertainment, will you be there to defend my actions on judgement day?

Like every comment on my blog, whether positive or negative; I ponder on them to see if there are worth taking. But this your comment, dear hater makes no sense. You said I’m desperate. Yes oooo, I agree. I’m desperate for a positive global change and I won’t rest on my oars until I achieve this. I’ve also come to the conclusion that you posted this atrocious comment for two reasons:

  • You were hoping to watch a REAL porn video on my blog but got sorely disappointed.
  • You do not have what it takes to appreciate or benefit from my blog.

Peace Ben Williams Blog IS FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN REASON. I explained in my brief bio that I “report and analyse global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change.” If your thought-process cannot be invoked positively, then you have no business being here.

You also said, “what a stupid name for a blog.” Can I ask you this, dear hater(s)…how sensible are these names: Google, Facebook, Badoo, Bluetooth, Blackberry, Apple, Yahoo!, Keek, Twoo, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Perez Hilton (which is actually a parody for Paris Hilton)??? Do you now see that some of the most successful websites or devices I’ve mentioned actually have the ‘silliest’ names?

My name is Peace Ben Williams and this is my blog. So what is it exactly don’t you get about the name of my blog? Or would you have preferred I use your name instead? Oh wait, I don’t know your name and my readers will NEVER know your name because you stole my identity to post your comment!

And as you have posted your cowardly comment hiding under my name, I decree to you…so shall you hide UNDER MY SHADOW, FOREVER! The more you hide and hate the more I RISE.

Other haters, be bold to state your full identity when next your posting comments. Then you’ll earn my respect. I leave you with just a few remarks and messages I get from fans. I get tons of emails and messages everyday, from people who love this blog and other media personalities who want to partner with me on projects. Goes to show that one man’s meat is indeed another’s poison.




The one and only ORIGINAL,



I’m not a “wife and mother of two”; rather I’m a PROUD wife and mother of FIVE. Kapeesh?!


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5 thoughts on “Memo To My Haters…Read And Weep!!”

  1. Melisa says:

    I really like ua blog peace, you dont just copy and paste or publish something without a fact like other bloggers do, u analyze and ask for opinions …….its pretty amazing and the style of blogging is unique.I’m a new blogger n cant deny thefact that i visit ua blog on daily basis to get ideas n divalicious unique style.Keep it up!!

  2. ihuoma says:

    Don’t mind dem, na jealousy go kill dem. Just hearing about ur blog for d first tyme. So am going to check it out. Wishn u d vrry vest.

  3. Chinese says:

    End of the matter!!!!! Naija people go say Gbam!!!!@ Peace Ben Williams well done keep doing what you love doing. We are Proud of you. (((Hugs)))

  4. anonymous says:

    Na wah for haters o!What was d miserable wannabe looking for in d first place on PBW blog before he or she come notice d desperateness?People are so pathetic.Let d person drink alomo bitters and chew kolanut if dem like,PBW blog rocks and is my best blog anyday.d blogging style is unique/for matured minds.if d person lacks d understanding let he or her hug a transformer with a wet body.Nonsense oloshi hater!

  5. Lone Ranger says:

    Understand that it’s the internet. Foolishness abounds.
    If blogging was easy, Make them start.

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