MEN BEHAVING BADLY: Analysing The Epic Tweet Fight Between Reuben Abati And Femi Fani-Kayode


FFK-ABATIBefore I talk about this epic tweet fight, let me introduce the fighters to you…

The gentleman pointing a finger to the left …weighing far more than the president’s balls is FEMI FANI-KAYODE!!; Nigeria’s former minister of Aviation. And the man to the right, looking at FFK and wondering what to do with him…weighing far less than the president’s balls is REUBEN ABATI!!; the Special Assistant on Media to President Goodluck Jonathan. ‘Gbagannnnnn!!!!’ *Bell Ringing* Let the fight begin!!

So one fine day, FFK the essay writer picked up his paper to pen yet another essay titled ‘A President Without Balls.’  The essay went viral. Although my dear FFK had scored the lowest points in my book for his essay about his affair with Bianca Ojukwu, he quickly redeemed himself in my eyes with this particular essay. This is his most sensible and sincere essay, yet.

Reuben Abati, obviously read the essay from Sky Trend news because the next thing he did was to tweet this at them:

@SkytrendNews FFK: A Commentator Without Sense!”

A concerned Nigerian who felt Abati’s tweet was ambiguous, asked him to expatiate on his claim…

@abati1990@SkytrendNews, Sir, can you explain? @realFFK did raise some issues about the President in the article. Can you address a few?”

Blissful silence from Abati….*crickets chirping*….*Nigerians whistling and waiting*…*angel don pass!*…graveyard silence.

Then FFK had to reply the Nigerian who asked by saying this about Mr. Abati:

@FemiAdeoya Reuben Abati- a peasant without breeding.”

ABATI-FFK-TWEETOkay, can I laugh now? Probably not. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but I think essay writing is for free. If FFK writes an essay about the presidency which 90% of Nigerians who are learned say is the TRUTH, does Mr. Reuben Abati need glasses to read his own or does he need an interpreter to break down the essay for him?

I believe Mr. Abati can fully understand what FFK wrote about and if  he disagreed withFFK, Mr. Abati has his own pen and paper abi? (or laptop kpa kpa ) to write his own essay telling us why FFK doesn’t have sense. Not to say the man doesn’t have sense and end it there.

In case, you don’t know, Mr Abati…by that tweet you posted, you’re not only saying Mr Fani-Kayode has no sense…you are ALSO SAYING, millions of educated Nigerians who slaved and toiled to get an education have no sense. You are saying we are also blind not to see the truth. This is not the time government had the power to shut people’s mouths up and torture them to death if they should dare protest.

This is a new Nigeria where it’s citizens use the Internet and social media as powerful tools of communication to speak with the leaders they elected…to talk to our representatives whom we once trusted would work in our best interests to bring a rebirth of a Nigeria, the world would envy.

Mr Special Assistant, how do you and the rest of your colleagues go to sleep at night, knowing that you’ve ruined the lives of generations of Nigerians to come with LIES, COWARDICE AND CORRUPTION?…No courage to stand for the truth??? Let us see an intelligent essay from you debating the facts just raised and not senseless name calling.

I TOTALLY AGREE with FFK. Obasanjo was the best president for this country ever. Let me highlight FFK’s point again:

“I am a great believer in strong government and I am one of those that has always believed that President Olusegun Obasanjo was one of the best, if not the best, and most effective leaders that we have ever had in this country.

I say this not because I had the honour and privilage of serving in his government but because, when it comes to his record in public office, the facts and figures speak for themselves. Not only are they outstanding but they are yet to be matched and since he left office in 2007 everything has gone to the dogs.

Love him or hate him one thing is clear- not under Obasanjo’s watch would 7000 thousand innocent Nigerians be massacred at will in the space of just two years by a bunch of murderous and heartless terrorists. He would have known exactly what to do and how to do it to put a stop to such callous lawlessness and anarchy right from the start.”

This statement is 100% correct. If you disagree, bring forth your strong reason. We need a Lion to rule us in Nigeria; not a Lamb. As to whether the president has balls or not…well, that’s left for the First Lady, Patience Jonathan to testify to.

What’s most important to me is that the government should stop short-changing Nigerian citizens. We have the right to speak and hear the truth! Just like this concerned Nigerian…

ABATI-FFK-TWEET 2Millions of Nigerians are still waiting for Mr. Reuben Abati to clear up the ambiguity in his tweet.


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1 thought on “MEN BEHAVING BADLY: Analysing The Epic Tweet Fight Between Reuben Abati And Femi Fani-Kayode”

  1. PROFESSOR says:

    Peace I believe that if you check your history you will discover that 7000 Is a figure made up by the drug addict. Also, under Saint Obasanjo, thousands died in Odi, in Benue and in the plane crashes supervised by his “able” ministers. BOKO haram started under Obj. Religious riots happened in aAbuja for the first time under Obj. The second Niger bridge was paid for under Obj but became a ghost bridge that no body has seen.
    Jonathan is in a world wide war against Islamic fundamentalists that even USA has not conquered. Did Kenyans call Uhuru Kenyatta a lamb because of the terrorist attacks in Nairobi? No. They supported their President.
    How can this drug addict, thief, smuggler, vagabond, adulterer, deviant and pervert have the guts to call GEJ a lamb and drool out his power hungry dreams of what he would do as President when we have all seen what he did in 6 months at Aviation. N19.5 billion theft is no joke.
    ABATI was right. Fani Kokaiine is a disgrace to manhood. He is senseless. He is insane. He is a cosmic joke. He is to be pitied above all men because he does not even know that he is Nigeria’s laughing stock.

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