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Menfolk Behold The Monster You Created: Wedding Night Survival Kit For Fake Virgins [SEE PHOTO]

FAKE VIRGINThe craze for proving that a bride is a virgin on her wedding night, has reached a crescendo.

I would think such practices have become archaic but I’m told it’s not. Our Muslim sisters and some other women are expected to remain chaste until marriage and as such, if they’ve tasted the ‘forbidden fruit’ before marriage, the pressure for them to cover up their dark secret would be great.

Enter this ‘Wedding Night Survival Virginity Kit.’ Look at it carefully. It has a tightening cream which I assume is applied first, after which the red capsule is inserted into the vagina. When the husband penetrates, the force of the penetration will break open the soft capsule spilling out the fake blood and giving the illusion that the hymen has been broken.

Before now, I would have frowned at such an evil deception from the woman, but let’s be realistic here for a moment. Which law demands a young woman to remain chaste until marriage and demands the opposite for a young man? How many men are discovered to be virgins on their wedding night?

An average man is free to roam; having sex with as many women as his penis could cope with. Now these women whom they freely romp around with, aren’t they supposed to be virgins too on their wedding night? Can one eat his cake and have it?

The way men are obsessed with and demand for sex nowadays is appalling. Most men are willing to give or pay anything just for a round of sex.

Last month, I was rushing to withdraw money from an ATM machine near my house. I wasn’t exactly looking my best. I had no make-up on and my hair was slightly dishevelled. A man stopped me. he said he worked with the UN and had seen me around several times. He was giving me a leering look and his eyes were almost always fixed on my boobs. Then he asked:

“How can we see?”

“I’m married”, I said. I expected an embarrassed look and a quick apology from him but instead he said:

“So you mean we can’t see at all?”

“No we can’t.” I walked away immediately, very irritated.

Gone are those days when a man would quickly apologise for making passes at you when he suddenly realises you’re a married woman. Nobody cares again. Anything goes. Conscience is dead.

An African proverb says:

“When the hunter learns to shoot the bird without missing, the bird must learn to fly without perching [so as not to be aimed at and shot].”

So menfolk, there’s the monster you created-the ‘Wedding Night Survival Virginity Kit.’ Enjoy the deception. Women have just learnt to eat their cake and have it.



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