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#MerryMondays: Lagos Policeman Bribes Traffic Offender [Read The Unbelievable Story]

rottweilerI saw this on a friend’s Facebook wall, and thought to share to brighten your Monday. Read and laugh…

I was driving down the street at Alausa Rd, having just finished answering a call when a policeman suddenly opened the passenger door, entered and jammed it. As usual he wanted “something” from me for calling while driving…

Then suddenly he saw the big Rottweiler dog-Jackie at the back-seat with tongue stuck out, spittle dripping n fangs barring, staring fiercely at him.

POLICEMAN: [Shaking] Ah! You carry dog?

ME: [I bone face] Yes i carry dog, dat one na offense?

POLICEMAN: [Feeling uncomfortable] Na where una dey come from?

ME: From hospital

POLICEMAN: Ehen! you sick?

ME: No, na person wey d dog bite we go c, d person almost die sef

POLICEMAN: [Terribly shaken by now] Ehen! but why d dog dey shake head like dat?

ME: Na so im dey do if e wan bite person

POLICEMAN: and d dog know you?

ME: Yes nah, no be my dog?

POLICEMAN: [Sweating] This your door, how you dey open am?

ME: how you take enter?

POLICEMAN: Abeg! Na since i dey try open am but e no open[The dog was now getting impatient and gave a small growl, it’s tongue almost touching the policeman’s left ear

POLICEMAN: [Now sliding forward] Oga i take God beg you, open the door for me make i comot, i no go collect anything from you

ME: how much u go pay me?

POLICE: Ah! I neva hustle anythin since monin, na only 1k dey wit me.

ME: U neva redy,(attempting to release d dog.

POLICE: ok ok ok ok ok, e reach 2k, d oda 1k na my wyf own bt I go giv u join(now clos to tears as d dog was becomin rily impatient n getin redy to atack) Oga I be……g sorry ,take d 2k make u open d door plsssssss

ME: oya bring am(colects d 2k n allow him out of d car)

POLICEMAN: God punish you idiot, e no go ever better for you and your yeye dog, wicked man..

Photo Credit: DogKnobIt.com | Peace Ben Williams Blog



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  1. Lol, serves the policeman right!!!! Next time e go check area well.

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