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MI Abaga Tells Rita Dominic, “I Will Love You Like No Man Has Ever Done Before”

RITA DOMINIC-MI ABAGA-700x500Rapper, MI Abaga has come out to boldly profess his love for Nollywood Actress, Rita Dominic.

The rapper made an open declaration of love to the beautiful actress asking her to give him a chance and promised to love her like no one man has ever done.

MI made this known in a video circulating over the internet. He was captured saying the love he has for the beautiful actress is real and that he is willing to show her true love. All he needs is just one chance.

His words;

“Rita, you know i’ve always told you how i feel, and you always think it’s a joke. For real, I’m on your Instagram page all the time.

My love is for real, you know that, You know what i’m saying is not a joke. I knos you think maybe i’m not successful enough or whatever for you, but all i have is love, I love you like no man has ever loved a woman before.

just give me this chance, that’s all i want, just one chance”

RITA DOMINIC-479x599However, the Nollywood actress in a recent interview gave the reason why she chose to remain unmarried even at the age of Forty Three.

Rita Dominic revealed that she plans to live with the man she is going to get married to because she wants to and not because the society wants her to

“ I will live with the man, so its very important that I do it because I want to, not because the society ants it for me. I believe God is in control of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time”

The Nollywood actress further stated that she even goes on date sometimes and she enjoys what couple do. What she however fears are lies and bullying. In her word:

“I do date sometimes when someone comes around. I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all the loving things couples do, but I am wary of liars and bullies”

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