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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are Getting Back Together?


Liam Hemsworth may be getting back together with Miley Cyrus soon. The 23-year-old hunky actor recently called off his relationship with Eiza Gonzalez after learning that she was reportedly “tipping off photographers” about where they could be spotted.

According to Hollywood Life, Liam has been back in touch with Miley and the exes are even talking about meeting up, probably around Thanksgiving.

Sources say Liam twisted the knife in Mileys heart when he was caught smooching Eiza Gonzalez, approximately 20 seconds after he broke up with the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

But Miley and Liam fans were given some new hope on November 13, when Liam said he was single during a filmed interview on Extra. A source close to the couple told exclusively told HollywoodLife.com:

 “Liam and Miley are back in touch. They’ve forgiven each other, and are even talking about meeting up, probably around Thanksgiving. Liam told Miley he’s not seeing Eiza anymore.

He found out that she was tipping off photographers; she was totally using him! Miley is thrilled obviously — it’s street justice, especially after Eiza was so cocky about things.[Miley has] forgiven Liam. But his hook-ups with Eiza and the way he was so open about it really hurt her, so in a way she’s kind of glad he got used. Maybe it was a lesson he needed to learn.

They just started talking again so it’s not like they’re back together, but they’re in a way better place, I could see them giving things another shot.”

Should Miley and Liam give their relationship another chance?



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