Miss Sahhara, You Really Are Made Of Plastic So Shut Up & Take Several Seats!


MISS SAHHARAOrdinarily, I wouldn’t post anything about this person on my blog, mainly because I try very hard not to make my analytical posts to come off as an attack on anyone’s personality. I also try not to judge people since I don’t walk in their shoes. but I’m always forced to speak out bluntly about bad behaviour.

For those of you who don’t know her, Miss Sahhara was born a Nigerian man. She is now living in the UK as a woman. According to her/him (I’m so confused on which gender to use, so I’ll stick with ‘her’) she was so victimized by her loved ones and people around her because she was a boy who wanted to be a girl. So she fled to the UK to save her life and to live the life she wanted.

On Tuesday, a popular Nigerian blogger posted new pics of Miss Sahhara where she was channelling the gothic look. The blogger mentioned in the post that Sahhara had a great body most women didn’t have. This sparked off harsh comments from the blog readers who reminded the blogger that Sahhara’s body was like that because it was F.A.K.E, fake. So Sahhara took to Facebook and posted that statement you’re reading above.


1. Something Sahhara wrote up there caught my eye, and that is:

“Fools, I didn’t buy my looks from a surgeon’s table either…”

Yes Sahhara you did! Those boobs on your chest are as fake as the filling in my teeth. According to one of the blog comments I read:

 “Look at the breasts looking as hard as a 10 day old fufu left in the freezer.”

Sahhara, if you had lashed at your haters telling them to let you be as you are because it makes you happy, honestly I wouldn’t be doing this post. But Sahhara was born a boy. She got breast implants, probably a nose job and she’s taken tons of Oestrogen (female hormones) to give her body a softer, more female definition. So who’s fooling who?

2. Truth is Sahhara is very opinionated and has a big mouth. I’m amused she thinks other people shouldn’t be entitled to their opinions. She posted photos on Facebook which she thought were great, other people thought it sucked and she comes at them! I’m glad she admits her haters are a ‘handful of people.’ This was what she replied a Facebook friend yesterday:

MISS SAHHARA-fb“Thank you very much, you have summarized the whole madness in the simplest of terms. Most of the hateful comments comes from a handful of Nigerian women, majority are kind , complementary and polite. I love picking up fights with the bigoted ones. They think I cannot defend myself….Until I open my big mouth! LOL”

If those who disapprove of your lifestyle are a ‘handful of Nigerian women’ why should it bother you so much seeing that majority are kind to you? Could it be that in your heart, you find reasons to validate your lifestyle everyday? I really don’t see the need to call out Nigerian women. The truth is, there is not one person in the world who is liked by everybody; whether they be gay or straight. So deal with it!

People are entitled to like or dislike you. It’s their right. You don’t own their feelings or their opinions just like we don’t own yours. You really have some nerve to call out Nigerian women. Sahhara, the blogger who posted your pics on her blog doesn’t like you either. She was only being SARCASTIC. That’s her style. She feeds you to her voltrons, knowing very well they’ll go in for the kill. The controversy heats up her blog with traffic and then you’re mad at ‘Nigerian women’. Who should you really be mad at?

3. The best way to keep haters where they belong is to not give them the power to see that what they say gets to you. Take Rob Kardashian for example. He was trending on American Twitter few days ago after he was spotted at the airport catching a flight to his sister Kim Kardashian‘s wedding. He was the butt of wicked jokes, but Rob only said:

roba very classy reply if you ask me. Sometimes, we are exactly what we accuse others of being. Sahhara accuses Nigerians especially of being “bigots” almost all the time on social media. She claims Nigerians hate her and wish her dead. Yet she calls them “UGLY MONKEYS.” I’m sure every black person understands pretty well the underlying meaning when black people are referred to as ‘monkeys’. So is Sahhara’s mentality toward people any different?

4. *In my secondary school debating voice* With these few points of mine I hope I’ve been able to convince you that Miss Sahhara is a lying bish who bought her kpako breasts from a surgeons table. And that she attacks Nigerian women for no reason because she wishes she had their vagina. Unfortunately, no surgeon in the world could replicate a good ‘ol naija vagina and she mad as hell…hahahaha!!!

Okay so seriously, Sahhara make yourself likeable since it seems you thrive on public validation. I adore Ellen DeGeneres. She has an amazing personality and she’s a lesbian. I’m smitten by Perez Hilton. There’s no dull moment around him, yet he’s gay as f**k. I could go on and on about gay people I like. Their sexual orientation is not my concern. I focus on PERSONALITY.

In reply to your sob story that you were terribly victimized while in Nigeria: Denrele Edun is a Nigerian, living in Nigeria and dressed most times as a boy-girl. His weaves are to die for and I as a woman can’t boast of having his makeup collection. He’s a popular TV personality loved by majority of Nigerians. I don’t see any Nigerian flogging and driving Denrele out of Nigeria. He’s happy here and we are happy that he’s here too.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’M NOT SAYING DENRELE IS GAY. I’m only pointing out that his sense of style may come off as ‘odd’ but we accept him for who he is, and trust me he’s not the only Nigerian guy living in Naija who dresses odd. Stop painting Nigerians as demons. We aren’t!

So I say, take several seats Miss Sahhara. You’re really not that relevant.


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