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Mom Buys Pirated Tom & Jerry Cartoons For Her Kids…Check Out What Was On It

TOM-JERRY-800x450This is indeed a parent’s worst nightmare. Not every parent can afford original copies of cartoons and other entertainment media for children.

In Nigeria, a cartoon DVD costing between N2,000 and N5,000. No wonder pirated copies are selling like crazy as they cost between N100 and N150).

One woman narrates a shocking discovery when she decided to kill boredom at her friend’s home by watching cartoons. She said,

“A friend bought a pirated copy of “Tom and Jerry”. It was a lazy Friday, her kids where napping and we decided to catch a little action with the feuding cat and mouse.

30 minutes into the cartoon…like an interruption of scheduled program, a hardcore pornographic movie came on.  See us scampering for the remote control, like it was a kill switch to an atomic bomb.

Thank God the kids were not in the sitting room. Mummy would have explained; ” why one Aunty didn’t wear her panties and was shouting…Harder! Harder!! Harder!!!”

Parents, please preview your pirated DVDs before letting your kids watch.



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  1. Amazing!!! that would have been a disaster in the making. I have always trusted the CDs i buy and even hand it over to the boys immediately i step into the house but now i know better. Thanks for the warning- before children will start asking why one Uncle in the movie is fighting one Auntie naked- Lol

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