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More 💩 💩Poop💩 💩 Tales About Yahoo Plus Boys

poop tales-cvAnother woman has come forward to confirm the earlier viral story trending on Nigerian social media about “Yahoo Plus” boys eating poop💩 💩 to get rich quick.

“Yahoo plus is real!!

Last year, I was on my way to Lagos. That was a day before my Ghana trip. As we were approaching Ogere, I informed the driver I needed to use the rest room for the minor one. You know what I mean. I couldn’t wait till we got to Lagos He replied that he will soon park that I should hold on. He didn’t stop until we were approaching Sagamu interchange.

The driver, myself and the two remaining passengers alighted and did the needful. Then we continued our journey. The driver started the gist that will have my head ached for days!!!

The driver said he was sorry for not stopping earlier. He said he had a reason for not doing so. That it’s dangerous stopping at the Ogere axis. He had assumed I wanted to do the major one. According to him, there are hangers-on abi nah snitches around the area. Once they sight fresh poops (excreta), 💩 💩even stale ones💩 💩 are not left out, they will contact their customers. Fiam, the customers will land, pay for their services and then descend on those poops💩 💩 with bread, schnapps and other assorted stuff.

I almost fainted. My ears kept ringing for days!! My head was aching!!

So I believe the story trending in Rant HQ!!!

Yahoo plus is real!!

To be continued”yahoo plus-2



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