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Movie Date Gone Sour: Girl Returns N5,000 For N3,800 Spent On Her

BOY BYE-GIFA lady has shown how independent she is after she was insulted by the guy that took her out on a date.

The lady identified as @MissMoshiku on Twitter took the step after she refused relationship advances from her date, Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji.

After the rejection, Ayodeji had tweeted his thought, equating a date to a mandatory relationship acceptance…date gone sour-1BOY BYE-GIF-2

And the lady responded…

date gone sour-2BOY BYE-GIF-3date gone sour-5

And the shameless boy responded…

date gone sour-3

“5k isn’t even up to the amount I use to subscribe ma. “Keep the change ” Lmaoo. Gosh you’re making me laugh so hard tonight.”

Just when people were wondering how the girl got hold of the boy’s account number to make the refund, one sharp Warri guy named Rukevwe ended our curiosity when he posted the screenshot of a tweet Ayodeji once posted, begging for money online and sharing his bank account details…date gone sour-4date gone sour-6date gone sour-7EMOTICON-LAUGHTER-TEARS

The internet never forgets! Thank you, Rukevwe.




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