My Analysis On Tchidi Chikere’s Recent Marriage Is Blasted For Being Biased…Sparks Heated Debate


tchidi-tmNollywood director, Tchidi Chikere finally married actress, Nuella Njubuigbo on Saturday, March 29.

The highly talented director who had been silent…ever since the ugly drama of his dating Nuella while still legally married to Sophia Chikere became public…broke his silence with this tweet:

tchidi-cover-tweet“Glad for the family I cm [come] frm n hw I was raised. I won’t respond to TOUTS who judge issues they know NOTHING about. Glad I m nw MARRIED.”

I couldn’t post photos of their traditional marriage because it was about the same time I received news of Funmi’s death.

Meanwhile, I got the gist that my deevanalysis on Tchidi and Nuella’s marriage sparked off a heated debate with many accusing me of being one-sided and judgmental in Sophia’s favour. Many readers felt I should have remained neutral in my report…that it wasn’t professional journalism. My story on them has been trending ever since.

Can I just say something to you readers? Peace Ben Williams Blog IS NOT a mainstream gossip news blog. I’ve said it so many times that I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. I remember when I wrote Memo To My Haters, I explained clearly the motive for my setting up this blog. I also clearly defined my blogging style when I wrote 5 Things You May Never Get To Read On Peace Ben Williams Blog.

I get many suggestions from  people saying why can’t you run your blog like Linda Ikeji‘s and I say, why should I? I am a huge fan of Linda’s blog but my passion is in analyzing the stories I read. And so I must follow my OWN PATH.

I am not a journalist. In fact, I read Banking/Finance & Business Administration if you must know. I only write with divinely inspired wisdom. I keep telling you that I am a child of Light. I do not keep silent on the ills I see and hence I speak my mind after bringing you a story. If you do not agree with my point of view, splendid! Let’s talk about it. It will still end up in provoking the positive thought process I was aiming at in the first place.

I remember my topic for Tchidi’s deevanalysis was “…Let Discuss, Who’s To Blame?” giving you a chance to speak your minds. I don’t think my analysis was biased because I remember blasting Sophia for flaunting her UK based boyfriend soon after her marriage ended. I felt it was too sudden and lacked decorum. I felt as a mother, the burden of being a role model to her three sons should have been paramount and not gallivanting on the internet with a so called UK based business man whom I even yabbed in another story I posted. (Read it HERE.)

I’m not #TeamTchidi, #TeamSophia or #TeamNuella. I only highlighted where each player in the love triangle went wrong. But my disgust was more on the part Nuella played because SHE KNEW she was messing with a married man. God said: “…Let no man [or woman] put asunder,” or are these my words? I also said it’s hard enough for a married woman balancing work and family. The last thing she needs is the intrusion of a ‘strange woman.’ You’ll appreciate my disgust if you are a family woman. If you aren’t, please, no vex eh, take a seat.

Listen, I’ve been married for 15 years. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, a nine-five career woman, a business woman, a hustler, you name it. I’ve experienced the sweet and bitter sides of marriage. I was separated for four years. My marriage suffered that separation partly because of the reasons Tchidi and Nuella’s marriage also suffered. Don’t forget my husband is in Nollywood and it takes divine grace to hold a decent Christian marriage with one spouse in Nollywood not to mention two spouses…like in the Chikeres case.

So before you come at me, first present your ‘qualifications’ for speaking authoritatively on the matter as I have stated mine. My ‘battle scars’ are very evident here…lol!

I fully realize that every marriage/relationship is peculiar and an outsider may never get the true picture of what caused the break up of a marriage. My analysis is based on the trend I’ve studied and the actions of the three players.

I love my readers and respect ALL your points of view. I’d appreciate these points more when they sound intelligent and reasonable. I close with something I wrote on Memo To My Haters:

Peace Ben Williams Blog IS FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN REASON. I explained in my brief bio that I “report and analyse global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change.”

If your thought-process cannot be invoked positively, then you have no business being here.”


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  1. Sunday Udo says:

    I read with great pleasure and deep understanding ur studied response to those attacking u for expressing ur analytical views of a very delicate issue which some claim wasn’t balanced. As a die hard analytical writer myself, I fully understand what one passes thru in Nigerian environment where truth has no meaning but since truth is what will set us free u must always keep to it no matter the case. I admire ur writing style and ur in depth analysis Pls keep to it at all times!!

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