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My #HalleluyahChallenge Testimony | #Olowogbogboro Is Healing #Nigeria

GOD LOVES NIGERIAI love this Hallelujah movement with all my heart!! It’s the best thing to have happened to Nigeria.

Last night I saw famous people…even pastors key in with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and humble themselves in the place of prayer and praise.

I remember praying for our country one time and the Holy Spirit led me to the scriptures in 2Chronicles 7:14 as the solution to our problems. I wept because I knew it was impossible. As religious as Nigerians Christians are, we are so divided by church, creed and denomination. Each one thinks they are worshipping God right while others have ‘missed it.’BIBLE-CHRONICLESMost of us believe in our ‘Papas’ and ‘Mamas’ more than God Almighty Himself. We are quick to address God as, “the God of Bishop X” or “Bishop Y” forgetting that He is the I AM THAT I AM. He chooses to be what He chooses to be. We have no right to stereotype or limit His capabilities.

Last night, every Nigerian Christian dropped their titles, they dropped the name of their church, they dropped their wealth and fame, they dropped their talents and professional knowledge and they all presented themselves ‘naked’ as they came before their Creator. They praised God in one voice and with one heart.LOVE-NIGERIALast night, Nigerians “looked up to the hills from whence cometh their help.” Truly their help has come from the Maker who made heaven and earth.

They worshipped God in truth and the Spirit witnessed this Truth and swept the vibes all the way across the world. Last night I saw Kenyans tuning in to the live worship crying unto God to be with their country in their upcoming elections. I saw Americans praising and thanking God for Nigeria.

What testimony could be greater than this? He who parted the Red Sea, He who brought the dead back to life and calmed the storm, He who sent his Army riding on chariots of fire, that same God who did the impossible…. Olowo Gbogboro, that same God has heard us.OLOWOGBOGBOROThank you for restoring our hope o Lord, and thank you for making me witness this miracle in my lifetime.

Jesus was right. He knows His sheep and they hear His Voice… And His voice only shall they hear.

If you’re truly a child of Light, do not hide under your bedcovers tonight. Wake up at Midnight and join the cry…connect with the other lamps on earth shining their lights for the blind to see and the deaf to hear, lest your oil dries up.NIGERIA-CVAsk a friend to invite you to the live worship. It ends in a few days.

God bless Nigeria.



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