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National Enquirer Publishes Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Deathbed Photos

BOBBI K-DEATHBED-1The National Enquirer published Bobbi Kristina Brown’s deathbed photos on their August 5th cover.

One photo shows an unconscious Bobbi Kristina just days before her July 26 death.

In the National Enquirer cover photo, a visibly frail Bobbi Kristina lies on her death bed in hospice care. Underneath Brown’s picture is a sad picture of her mom, Whitney Houston, in her casket at her 2012 funeral.

The uncensored photo…

BOBBI K-DEATHBED-2The National Enquirer purchased the hospice death bed photo of Bobbi Kristina was sold for 6 figures to an unknown media outlet from an unnamed family member. The sale of the photo has caused a war between the Houston and Brown families, with both sides blaming the other for inviting the guest who took it.

The picture’s publication comes just days after funeral photos of Bobbi Kristina were sold separately to an undisclosed tabloid, also for 6 figures.
In the Bobbi Kristina funeral photos which have not yet been published, Brown is pictured lying in her casket. The funeral photo was taken at Bobbi Kristina’s wake, one day before her August 1 funeral in Georgia.

Brown, 22, was buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, on August 3.BOBBI K-DEATHBED-3


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