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New Born Baby Thrown Into Toilet By Unknown Mother

Newborn rescued alive from pit latrine

Finally, I can report this news without so much tears in my eyes.

This baby was thrown into the toilet by an unknown mother. The woman who did this was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan found the baby alive.

As you can see from the photo, the baby’s rescuer is so desperate to strip the poo covering the baby’s body, not minding the stench of the faeces.

I thank God for sparing the life of this dear little one.

God bless this good samaritan.



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  1. Oh God why, oooh why ooh why( am crying) what has entered into the Spirits of ladies God blessed with the fruit of the womb that make them this wicked? Praise God this one is alive. God bless that Man

  2. I hope the baby makes it, cause he/ she could have swallowed some of that rubbish

  3. God have mercy on us all. First of all,I thank God for sparing the life of the man cleaning up the baby,for if it were not so,only would be able to tell.
    2ndly,I thank God for sparing the life of the baby & for defeating the intention of the evil ones upon the baby’s life.
    Am sure the mother would by now have known of the baby’s deliverance.
    I know that God that started His work will finish it. Look at all the people the devil wanted to extinguish at an early stage,they all turned out great. Small wonder when I tell you that he’ll be greater than Joseph,than David,than Daniel. Look at even Jesus.
    For all the people that have unwanted pregnancies & do not have an idea of what to do,pls visit hospitals & talk to them. There are lots of homeless homes everywhere.
    Pls enough of this dastardly act

  4. In one of the public enlightenment surveys in DeExploit Magazine, we asked the public whether a baby was a blessing or a curse. Though most of the respondents claimed rightly too that a baby is a blessing, one particular unknown girl said that her baby was a curse to her hence she threw her 3-day baby boy away to be devoured by a group of wild pigs- a real heartless act. That a girl should carry pregnancy for 9-months and heartlessly throw such innocent child into the latrine as the case above, is sin beyond pardon. Our society is now soaked with blood of the innocent, Thanks to God that this baby is saved.

  5. Hi, do u have details of where this happened? Pls send me a mail inbox, there is something I wish to discuss with you. Thanks.

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