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Nigerian ‘Big Boy’ Storms Party With Money Spraying Machine [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

MONEY SPRAYER-1A young man left people stunned at a party recently when he suddenly brought out a machine that could spray money.

The man who goes by the name ‘Jide Bobo’…judging from the praises the music band was singing to him….generously let the naira rain on the band as he set a new trend in ‘spraying’ style.

The only snag was the machine had to be reloaded often as Jide is seen in the video beckoning to an assistant to bring him more money.

It seems the mechanized money spraying system is more tedious than the traditional method. But trust Nigerians, we love effizy and drama so I’m guessing many big boys and girls will be placing an order soon for the money spraying machine.MONEY SPRAYER-2MONEY SPRAYER-3

Watch the video…



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