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Nigerian Director, Ben Williams Shoots Cautionary Video “The Stranger’s Biscuit” – WATCH!!!

Ben WilliamsProlific movie director, Ben Williams is shooting a series of cautionary videos which will influence behavioural change and perhaps help to change the mindset of the viewer.

Ben Williams is well known for developing greenhorns in the movie industry. His movies  The Undercover, Breaking Secrets and Beyond The Price used almost 98% of greenhorns – actors like Eric Anderson who later broke into mainstream Nollywood.

Williams was also the First Assistant Director of Jeta Amata’s The Amazing Grace which was shot on 35mm celluloid film.

I was given an exclusive invitation to the movie set where top of the art film equipment were used to tell these short, thought provoking stories.

When asked why he was concentrating on shooting a series of short films instead of the feature films he is best known for, Williams said he was saddened by the decadence of our present day society; where immorality, selfishness, corruption and a total lack of emotion were the order of the day. He added that he misses the days when people were their brother’s keeper and really cared about putting a smile on a stranger’s face.

Williams says he was inspired to bring a New Year message through these short films so people could watch them and appraise themselves and perhaps help the viewer to make a resolve to be a better person in 2013.

The first of the movie series to be released is “The Stranger’s Biscuit.”  It  stars veteran actor, Zack Amata as the Stranger. The movie tells the story of a girl who is faced with the same problem she detests so much – sharing.  A total stranger shares from her pack of biscuit without permission. She is restrained from raining abuses because the stranger is older.

Her friend comes at the nick of time to take her away and her second phone starts ringing. As she searches for the phone in her bag, she finds her own biscuit resting, intact, inside the bag, meaning she was rather sharing the stranger’s biscuit all the while.

It was fun being on set with the crew – Lenstrokes Productions. Ben Williams’ 13 year old son, Caleb was the Director of Photography (DOP) for the behind-the-scenes shots for the making of the movie while his daughter, Bernadine 12, took the still shots for the behind-the-scenes. The photos I’m sharing with you below were taken by the 12 year old beauty.

When I previewed the final cut of this movie, it struck me that the character played by Zack Amata could be an angel sent to warn us to stop thinking about “me, me, me” and start looking for someone whose life we could change for the better simply by sharing.

You might interpret a different meaning to the story after you watch it though.

I shall keep you guys posted as soon as the rest of the series are released. 😉

View the Behind-The-Scenes photos below as well as the movie.


L-R: Caleb Williams (DOP) Making; Ben Williams (Director) and Chikki (DOP)
L-R: Chikki, Chuks-Chyke (Production Manager), Caleb Williams (in red) and Ben Williams
Cast and crew on set
The Director and DOP
Veteran actor, Zack Amata with Director, Ben Williams
The director discusses lines with the actress
Zack discusses with the Director and Production Manager
The crew setting up
The Director monitors DOP’s shots
A scene from the movie
“I hate sharing!” the actress, Uche McLeo gives the stranger a mean look


Photo Credit: Bernadine Williams for Lenstrokes Productions



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  1. Good thinking Ben; powerful story line,keeps one thinking….

  2. Oh wow, that is really something to think about, the smile on the stranger’s face, “PRICELESS”. Way to go Ben Williams, Way to go. Can’t wait to see more of your videos.

  3. Didatically balanced, photographically enticing and structurally futuristic. So happy these guys r taking after ur steps. Thumbs up.

  4. My able D. u too much, that’s a good one, In fact u are going to be the Director of the year 2013 I can wait to watch the video.

  5. New ideas, new focus , new experiment all bring new achievements. De film industry in Nigeria is gradualy losing its flavour, bcos commercial consideration has totally taken over de creative arts dat de industry is supposed to be.

    Having visited Hollywood in Los Angeles to witness de overwhelming technological, intellectual, social traing, governmental & financial resources devoted into their film industry, it looks like we in Nigeria have not yet started. But what can push us forward is de application of new ideas/concept.

    Hence I credit Ben for dis project. Since Ben Williams & Zack Amata are both old “Workhorses” who have already put their names on de sand of time in de film industry, we all trust what will come out while we welcome Caleb and other new horns into de trade.

  6. Waoh,it really a great suspence..nice one mr ben

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